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Runner and Professor Zoom dish it out. No prep. Both are bloodlusted.

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The Runner, he's way more versatile and should be able to at least match Zoom in speed. Plus he naturally makes people like him and want to be friends with him, even in battle.

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After flashpoint, Zoom is more versatile as well as likely faster.

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Professor Zoom stops time and outraces Wally West and Barry Allen simultaneously :/ Professor Zoom in a stomp.

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@nickthedevil: See we finally agree :) although i still think Wally can take Thwane because of his speed advantage.

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Professor Zoom because his speed can time travel. This is is not a contest because Runner can't time travel.

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Runner Ftw

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Runner wins this. How the hell is time travel going to help Zoom? Runner is an Elder of the Universe, he's like a SS on steroids. Even if Zoom is faster he has no way of putting down the Runner. He's banned from Deaths realm therefore he can't be killed. Hell I've never even seen him ko'd before an I've read almost all of his appearances. The most Zoom can hope for is a stalemate.

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Runner misses with SS like he's a little kid. out of the professor's league.

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Runner is virtually un-killable since he is Banned by Death from Dying, he is immortal and indestructable. He is arguably the fastest being in Marvel and he has defeated silver surfer. He has this.

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Professor Zoom.

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The Runner takes this. He moves so fast, he hasn't finished his thought to be somewhere before he actually arrives.