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2 v 2 battle Morals off and a fight to the death Takes place in a completely empty Times Square No prep, random encounter Who wins and why? Thanks for reading :)

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Magneto solos. Emma vs Xavier could go either way, but Magneto is too much for team 2

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I'd have to go with Charles and Erik to win this one, they're the ultimate dream team! Frost wouldn't really stand a chance against them, but Shaw would be more of a challenge. Nevertheless the sheer skill and determination of X and Magneto means they could wipe the floor with Frost and Shaw!

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Professor X & Magneto easy . X>Frost


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Professor X makes Emma think she is a 8 year old girl and gives her a lolly pop

Magneto encases Shaw in a metal ball and BFRs him into the sun

Team one stomps

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Are these current characters? Cuz Professor X is dead, while Magneto is sorely weakened as of current.

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Magneto can solo.

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Team 1

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Magneto and Shaw:

Magneto and Xavier:

He can take team two by himself.

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