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PoP vs Altair vs Ezio

Round 1: Parkour skills

Round 2: Swordfighting (each gets a single sword of his choosing)

Round 3: PoP gets Dagger of Time (can only rewind 5 seconds; only have enough sand to rewind 10 times) and Power Flow (can solidify water), Assasins get standard gear (Ezio gets his Apple to make duplicant holograms and small offensive circles that hurt the opponent psychologically, no other powers) and it's both of them against the Prince

battle takes place in a empty Rome during the Roman Empire. Morals on for Round 2, morals off after 7 mins for Round 3

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Round One goes to the Prince.

Round Two goes to Altair or Ezio depending on version.

Round Three goes to the Prince due to time rewind. It would be a fairer fight if the Assassins had an Apple of Eden: maybe one that only creates duplicates seeing as the Prince can kill them so easily?

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@Pwok21: I thought about giving them the Apple, but I was fearing the mind control thing would make it too easy. Also, it's a 5 seconds rewind, do you think it would be that easy for the Prince to beat them like that?

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@Jorgevy: @Pwok21: I'm not sure if this is cheating cos its not specified in OP, but in AC bro'hood ezio gets a climbing glove which makes his parkour rapid, if he got 2 of them he could win.

Round 2: Altair wins hands down. Trained for longest. Most Experienced.

Round 3: Tbh I can see ezio and altair running away and planning to assassinate each other another time rather than go head to head especially when Pop can turn back time, so if they escaped, ezio would win cos he has the best kit.

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all of them to the Prince. 3 isnt even in question. only one slightly in question is 2.

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Changed the OP. Ezio gets his Apple to make duplicant holograms and small offensive circles that hurt the opponent psychologically, no other powers

@The_Thunderer: they don't get the any equipment besides their clothing for Round 1

also, they don't know the prince can turn back time and its Altair + Ezio vs the Prince in Round 3

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Round 1: Prince

Round 2: Seriously, the Prince is a better swordsman than Altair & Ezio. Since he's allowed only one sword, it would be a little tougher, but it he would come out on top. The Prince has the physicality to fight monsters and creatures for Christ sake. Since he can pick his own weapon, he can choose that hidden, glowing sword from Warrior Within that one-shots most enemies.

Round 3: Um, only Altair demonstrated the ability to make holograms of himself with the Apple. Doesn't matter since the Prince could accelerate himself and kill both in a second. You never said he couldn't use his other time abilities, only restrictions on the Rewind power. :p

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@The_Thunderer: Have you seen the free running that the Prince does? Even with the climbing glove Ezio stands no chance (I am an avid AC fan by the way, more so than PoP).

Yeah I do believe that the rewind would make it too easy. Mid battle he could rewind their attack and hit high instead of low like they predicted, and that's an assassin down. Giving them the Apple from Assassins Creed 2 with only illusion effects would even it out in my opinion.

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@Pwok21: no i have only played game once and watched movie and both were relativrly average in comparison to ezio's, however i will take your word for it.

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The Prince takes it. All three rounds.

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This is an old thread....but I'll still vote.

Prince, All 3 Rounds

Seriously, he doesn't even need the Dagger. He's skilled enough to beat them without it. Most people fail to note that he isn't reliant on the Dagger other then preventing corruption. The powers used only exceed to player choice. Cutscene and story-wise, he rarely uses the powers. He's fought Djinns, Sand Creatures of all types including a Griffon and giant brutes. Along with the God and Goddess of Time(vizier and kaileena), and the Dahaka. And most of the time, he isn't even having any help. What have Ezio and Altair taken out? Pretty much swordsman and soldiers. That's it. Nothing supernatural other then someone with the Apple.

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Don't get sucked in to the Assassins Creed hype. They're good, but not in the same class as the Prince.

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Kinda annoyed that people are saying the Prince is a better swordsman than Altiar. I mean every assassin in the assassin's creed series looks up to him as the best of the best (maybe not so much for the new assassin in black flag but that's because he hasn't taken the oath yet.)

Round 1. This cuts VERY close but in the end I pass it to Prince.

Round 2. Altair hands down, in the series they claim him as the best assassin there ever was, and in revelations you can see him lead an attack on a fort of assassins when he is elderly.

Round 3. Ok the time helps Prince here, but the apple takes it here. Prince takes out the dagger to reverse time, while Ezio makes holograms and stuns Prince to let holograms knock the dagger out of his hand. And have you even seen what Ezio packs? He has hidden guns,bombs,daggers,crossbows, etc. He out-gears Prince here.

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1 and 3 go to prince... applications of rewinding time allows him to keep himself from imminent death as well as predict the other assassins movements

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all of them to the Prince. 3 isnt even in question. only one slightly in question is 2.

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If I had to choose someone to save the world it would be The Prince, not an Assassain. That's how I look at it. So POP wins this.