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100 Veteran Predators. Come with assorted Hunting Gear and 100 house broken Xenos. Lead by Broken Tusk himself.


100 Space Wolves (Half Grey Hunters and Half Blood Claws) with whatever Gear they may need as per Codex. Lead by Ragnar Blackmane. Also have 50 Wolves.

Battle on dark and rocky planet. Start 2 miles apart.

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Spacewolves stomp

40K is WAY above AvP, Star wars, Star Trek

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Ragnar Blackmane & if im not mistaken the 13th company are so so Bad-Ass.

Would go as far as saying bare handed/Claws they could take this encounter :)

Imo to make this encounter more even add some ruins, caves for the Preds/Aliens to try the hit & run tactics.