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Poll: Predator vs Punisher (12 votes)

Predator 33%
Punisher 67%

Predator vs Punisher

Both have 1 day prep

No getting help

The Predator is a Blooded Hunter

Full info

Fight takes place in Gotham at night

They start 25 feet apart

Round 2: Movie Versions

Bonus Round: The winner must fight Batman ( the only info he gets is from watching the fight )

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if the guy from the 2nd movie could be predator than im sure punisher is capable

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The predator should win round 1 and 2 round 3 batman

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batman than wins after

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Round 1: Predator

Round 2: Punisher

Bonus Round:: Batman

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Movie Punishers were horrible. Pred takes all 3 rounds. Without Prep Bats can't take a Pred. It was evident in the first crossover against Batman that without info and prep, what he carries standard with him wasn't enough to get the job done. If he had some time to study up on the Yautja like he ended up having in the comics, then he would win by being smart about fighting.

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Predator wins round 1 and round 2. Batman wins bonus round

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Round 1 Punisher for sure.

Punisher with prep has emberassed the Avengers, Keep sentry from capturing him, beaten ulik (a Thor villain), and beat Spider, DD, and Wolverine together!

Punisher wins with the human gear of HVGs, Anti Tank Weapons, and Armour Pircing or SHIELD Tech grade guns.

LOl at anyone who thinks Pred beats Punisher who has taken 20-100 toner hits and kept going.

Round 2 Predator.

Round 3 Depends. No prep I give it to punisher in all honesty since New 52 Batman is the weakest and realistic Batman ever so far.

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Round 1. Predator

Round 2. Punisher

Round 3. Batman for the Bonus round would win.

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Batman get's sick of watching the fight and takes both of them down.