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PreBatman Nightwing & Tim Drake(as robin) (team 1) vs. PostBatman(new 52) Nightwing & Damian (robin) (team2)

So pretty much Dick before he became batman with the help of tim drake as robin vs. Dick after all his time as batman and becoming nightwing again with the help of Damian as robin. Both teams get 30 mins prep, team 1 is in their pre 52 suits and equipment (tim has his robin suit still) and team two has their new 52 suits and equipment (Dick wears his red nightwing suit on team 2)

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Pre Batman/Pre reboot Dick Grayson vs Post Batman post reboot Dick Grayson? Or the guy who became Robin at age 12 vs. the guy who became robin at age 16.

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I haven't seen anything to say that Post-Bats Dick is vastly superior to Pre-Bats. Pre should at least be able to hang with Dick long enough for Tim to stomp all over Damian, as he has when Damian hasn't ambushed him. Post-Bats has no chance against Pre-Bats and Tim at the same time.

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Team 1 would win. Tim has been shown to beat Damian in less than a minute. Pre-boot Nightwing was in his mid to late twenties and had over 15 years of being a vigilante. New 52 Nightwing has had less than 4 years.