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After a Long week consuming battle Hulk and Superman fight to a Stalemate and decide to agree to disagree on which one of them would win

But then Superman said to Hulk "I think we might be the Strongest in all universes "

Hulk replies with a bone chilling smile"lets find out"

Superman excited about the idea thinks...then they both say in an epic tone of the most electrifying unison

"LETS RUN THE GAUNTLET!!!!!!!"(and does a high five that shakes the earth)

The two are amped up

  • Superman is under a blue sun
  • Hulk is in WorldBreaker mode
  • Bruce banner has teleported challengers to an "Indestructible" arena where they will have 1 week prep(so will supes and hulk)
  • No BFR

Team 1:Gladiator,Sentry

Team 2:Abomination,Doomsday(Hunter/prey)

Team 3:Darkseid,Thanos

Team 4:Thor(odinforce),Silver Surfer

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Very tough matchup....banner with that much prep could do some serious damage....but you have some serious Hitters in there..

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Superman and the Hulk amped to this degree would be practically unstoppable.

They'd give this gauntlet a good go but they'd be stopped by Odin-Force Thor.

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They stop at 3...

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@capall2: not if darkseid and thanos can't uses energy powers this is in pure strength so it would make since that they would not be aloud to and in a pure test of strength hulk and superman could complete the gauntlent.

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@comic_book_fan: who said they can't use their standard powers and abilities? This isn't just a test of strength anyways and even if it was, they still stop at 3...

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They will roflstomp. Supes with a one-week sundip in a blue sun?