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Superman ( No speed blitzing)


Juggernaut (8th day version)

Hulk ( WWH version)

Gladiator (Full confidence)

Thor (Warrior Madness)


Scenario: All contestants have been teleported to warworld and have to fight in a gladiator like setting, it's a free for all, every man for himself, morals on, they can win by either knock out or to the death, who's the first to fall and who is the last man standing?

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I'm leaning towards Superman (Survived a supernova, Ultron was temporarily destroyed by a supernova). He'd have a good fight with Thor first. Not familiar with Glaidator or Champion.

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Hulk, he's already done this and this scenario is tailor made for him.

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Hulk, or Gladiator/ Superman. Glads is in the running due to Morals.

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Why no love for 8th day Juggs?

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Yeah isn't 8th Day Juggs like one of the beastliest non-skyfather level characters?

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i feel eventually hulk will pull this one out, morals are on so superman isn't really gonna be ruthless, champion is slow and dumb and probably the first to go. just don't feel like in a gladiator situation, where the battle is probably gonna go on for a long while, and hulk is just getting stronger and stronger, that he is going to lose and since bfr isn't an option its gonna be even harder to knock him down and keep him there.

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8th Day Juggernaut

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Superman emerges the winner.

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Thor with warrior madness could probably beat them all at once

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I'd say Juggs should win here.Nice match ups anyway

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Juggernaut, not even fair. He's significantly more powerful than the other characters.

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8th Juggernaut wins quite easy without bfr...he is completely immune to physical damage with unlimited stamina, no one here is capable of killing him via sheer strength...on a side note the op has provided virtually everyone with a power boost except Ultron and Supes, as a matter of fact Supes ability utilize his speed was also downgraded...if this is adamantium armor Ultron then the list would be...

First to go down is Hulk, Champion, Ultron, Supes since the op limited his speed, Kallark, Thor due to warrior madness, 8th day Juggy the last one standing...