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All power ranger generations

1000 Aliens 

No Zords Allowed.
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Alien slaughterhouse. 

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whoa Zordon we need the zords 
Zordon: I am unable to send them to you rangers 
Red ranger: well give us something 
Zordon:okay (teleports a set of spoons) 
Blue Ranger: what are we supposed to do with spoons? 
Zordon:play them 
Green Ranger:what happens when we play them? 
Zordon:when you play the spoons it will reveal new weaponry 
rangers: thanks Zordon 
Zordon:sure whatever 
power rangers play the spoons nothing happens they try again nothing happens  
 Red ranger: nothing's happening 
Green Ranger:your playing them wrong! 
Red Ranger shut up fart knocker!
aliens advance and  slaughter the rangers 
Alpha-5: Aye Aye Aye Aye 

Zordon:we're going to need some more teenagers

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The Xenomorphs dominate quite easily.

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Aliens stomp.
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To many aliens! lol

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Power Rangers have all kinds of crazy @$$ ray-guns. They are always able to leap away from the fray, combine their weapons and fire some kind of ultra mega laser beam as the situation demands. Power Rangers win.

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not that badly outnumbered.
Check this out:
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I fear for the xenomorphs. 

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100 aliens now? Hmm....

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There's 199 Power Rangers.  Power Ranger slaughterhouse.

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so its basically 85 - 90 Power Rangers versus 1000 Aliens... gotta go with The Aliens... lol
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@King Saturn said:
" so its basically 85 - 90 Power Rangers versus 1000 Aliens... gotta go with The Aliens... lol "
but Power Rangers have the power of "Teaching Kids That Good Always Triumphs Over Evil." How can Aliens counter that?
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there are 10 red rangers in that pic and a power ranger team consist of 5 rangers so this will be 10 rangers team which would be 50 power rangers .with the combination of all 50 rangers weapon one single blast should be enough to kill all the aliens.or they have each team combine their weapons to have 10 super blasters which i think would be ebough firepower to kill the aliens.     
thread says 1000 but your post states 100 aliens which is it? 100 the rangers can handle 

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if you factor in every countries set of rangers rangers I think they have a good shot especially if its open combat

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Green Ranger Tommy (cause hes badass), Silver Ranger Zhane (most powerful ranger in universe btw), Gold Ranger (with Alien Treys), Magna Defender, and Zordon all got this

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There's also rangers from space like the Aquitian Rangers and entire organizations with different squads of rangers, like SPD.  Plus, folks that join later on like Green, Quantum, and Gold rangers.  Overall, around 200 rangers, give or take, vs 100 aliens.  Also, a few like Lightspeed Rescue and SPD operate more like Police or Military organizations rather than hand-picked teenagers.  Coupled with the fact that many of the teams after Wild Force possessed super powers along with the ranger gear. 
Aliens are gonna give them a tough fight, but the Power Rangers come out on top.

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WOW....unless they have at least 5 foot or more reaching weapons........i have to say aliens won

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@Susanoo said:

100 aliens now? Hmm....

It's a 1000 sorry for the typo.
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Power Rangers stomp.

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power rangers win by using armor, vehicles and combined weapons

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Mighty Morphin' team solos.
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The Aliens will be feasting on the Power Rangers.

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Can the Power Rangers have all the generic rangers that other toy companies made to confuse parents and disappoint kids at the dollar stores?  They're "Super with Fighting!"

We're not as good as Power Rangers because of some reason only 9 year-olds understand! 
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Spite the Aliens take this in a slaughterstomp