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Kyle when he was first Ion. Fight takes place in an empty dimension.

You're in my world!


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who the fuck knows, stalemate.

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What are the feats for Ion?

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I wanna say Ion, But I don't have enough information to give a solid answer.

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@jobbernos said:


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Molecule Man, even post retcon, who is willing to actually fight should win.

Lets try and make a case.

Molecule Man is a cosmic cube being, as he grew from a cosmic cube. Proof of this assertion :)

Living Tribunal himself says they are neo-omnipotent cosmic cube beings.

Then lets start with assertion. Cosmic Cube/ Cosmic cube beings are actually all powerful, just like IG, whose only superior at the time was TOAA and his representative (LT).

Using the statement made in comics:

But thats a mere statement , while stated in a situation where Mephisto had no reason to lie, and a statement that convinced both Thanos and Adam Warlock.

Now feats to back up such bold claims.

Firstly, Thanos replace the sentience of the universe ( Eternity) using a cosmic cube.

Then we have Spiderman with the power of Beyonder (a cosmic cube being who Molecule Man actually beat), for just a nanosecond, manage to do , among other things, re-created all of creation (thats at the very least a universe)

And here Peter explains he only had the power for a nanosecond here are pertaning scans with other feats, scans from Spiderman and secret wars for anyone who is interested.

I could of course go out of my way and shows feats likes:

1. Korvac with cosmic cube re-creating a reality 100 times over.

2. Cosmic Cube making Dr. Doom the master of the universe.

3. Reed with cosmic cube stomping Dr. Doom with Galactus's powers +the Ultimate Machine, the Sacred Helix of Randac & the Cosmic Control Rod

4. Reed repaired all the damage in the world (i think its only planet earth not sure what world was meant to mean anyways) with a cosmic cube.

5. Reed breaking the 4th wall and capable of making arts into actual flying monsters.

But most importantly his fight with Beyonder cause trans-multiversal damage.

Now the only feat that tends to be remembered from post retcon molecule man was his defeat in the hands of Sentry/ Void, which was one of the crappies piece of writing. However, even in that there is a still small hint that Molecule Man actually wanted to die. Here is a conversation Molecule Man is having with few people he created out of his sub-consciousness, and one of them seem to think Molecule Man wants to lose.


I strongly believe, given his feat and the potential of cosmic cubes, from which these beings evolved, they certainly have both more hypothetical powers than Kyle and simply better feats than what Kyle performed.

So i strong think Molecule Man should win.

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Kind of a low showing for MM to be taken down by VoidSentry.

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Just a high showing from Void sentry. That entire Dark Avengers/Siege run was (that said Sentry's always been inconsistent, lots of ridiculous high end showings, lots of jobber showings).

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@ComocYahweh: You need to watch it with the f-bombs.

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MM by a country mile.

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3. Reed with cosmic cube stomping Dr. Doom with Galactus's powers +the Ultimate Machine, the Sacred Helix of Randac & the Cosmic Control Rod

when does that took place? what happened?

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@GodDamnIronMan said:

when does that took place? what happened?

Its fairly straight forward.

Doom with the power of Galactus got owned by Reed Richards with cosmic cube, absolutely owned

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