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Who would win in a Poker Tournament. ( take an inferance of who would win, with an even amount of luck)

Batman: Great Bluffer, probably the best in the tournament.

Thanos: A great thinker and calculator, may figure out a way to cheat with the cards.

Dr. Doom: A good balance of what Batman has and Thanos has, though not on the level of either.

Joker: Crazy, both a blessing and a curse in poker, may go to far when it would be unadvised, but also makes him unpredictable.

1st Round: Texas hold em

2nd Round: Black Jack

3rd Round: Goldfish

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Ima go with joker just because

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If the winner isn't Thanos, then he breaks the table and slaughters everyone.

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Joker wins by playing completely different card games.

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Doom. Because he's Doom...

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I'm sure Joker literally has a couple of aces under his sleeve (or at least some jokers), so he might be able to win.

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@Decoy Elite said:

Joker wins by playing completely different card games.


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One person here actually has feats in the card game area. I'm going with the Joker.

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Joke has this!

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Doom steal's Joker's poker powers for the win. Plus, great poker face.

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@Illuminatus: Telepathy should be enough, if you know what cards your opponent has they can't force you to make bad decisions. The only way Thanos loses is if he get unlucky in a really big way. Then he would slaughter everyone.

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While Thanos is winning, Batman is thinking of a way to get Joker, Joker is thinking of a way to make a fool out of Batman, and Dr. Doom is in the process of stealing Thanos' power.

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Bats or Thanos

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Thanos was beaten in poker by Genis-Vell, I rather doubt how great a thinker he is factors into it.
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Joker cheats to win causing Thanos to annihilate the entire table

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Thanos transmutes his cards into perfect hands.

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Joker, he's probably stacking the deck.

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The Joker

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Doom, because he's The Gold Standard Of Supervillainy.

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The joker wins to unpredictable

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MA MA MAM AM MA POKER FACE MA POKER FACE. yes batman hates rock, but doom loves gaga.

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@society619 said:

Joker cheats to win causing Thanos to annihilate the entire table