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these are the pokemons :








gastly (anime)

entie (movie)

battle to death

who wins?

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Even if you take Dialga and Palkia's space/time manipulation to the extreme and assume they've abstract level entities (I don't, but some will argue it), Zero Hour Parallax recreated the entire DCverse and should be far too powerful for team 1 to mess with.

Also the spectre is spitestomp, depending on how much of God's Wrath he has. Omniversal agent of The Presence capable of defeating basically anyone.

Franklin could probably solo unless you want to argue that Palkia and Dialga are as powerful as abstract level entities, assuming Adult Franklin.

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Team 2 wrecks.

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Depends on Dialga and Palkia's rough equivalent power in respect to DC & Marvel's deities. I mean, Arceus is creator and Dialga/Palkia can completely stop time across the whole universe, alter the whole universe to fit their requirements, etc. Without Arceus, though, I think Team 2 takes this, mainly because I can't really ascertain D&P;'s respective power equivalent to the DC and Marvel universe.