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So...how would the Pamela Isley, Queen of the Green, fair against Warren Worthington III, an actual Hell's Angel and original X-Man?

This is not a contest over who is more popular or who you would want to win more (although, even in that debate, it'd be hard to tell who'd win). This is an actual fight to the finish, where both characters must rely on a combination of cunning, speed, strategy, and, most importantly, raw power. To make things clear, we are going to assume that all of Ivy's pre-New 52 feats are in canon as well as her post-Flashpoint displays of power.

Oh, and explain why the character you've chosen would win.

Alright...have at it!!!

PS: This is actually my first battle-thread, so if I do something that's not allowed here, please let me know.

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Posion Ivy.

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@ThunderGodsWrath: You know, I can't help but agree

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@Zeeguy91 said:

@ThunderGodsWrath: You know, I can't help but agree


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Angel...dive bombs in at an almost super sonic speed and decapitates Ivy with his wing, then nails her dead body to an ivy wall with his winged projectiles.

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As he is divebombing a mass of vines grabs him and entangles him while she summons up a pitcher plant powerful enough to melt Black Lanterns.

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At his post powerful, Archangel during the Dark Angel saga should win. Before that... unless he blitzes her, she can beat him like she did the Black Lantern.

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He's flying at super sonic speed meaning before she can even hear him she's dead...and uh those wings would slice through those weeds like a warm samurai sword through a little cheese cake factory butter pack

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Poison Ivy senses the plant-based bacteria in his system and determines he is coming at her and then hits him with the vines. Again, a Black Lantern was unable to get out so what makes you think Archangel can?

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Poison Ivy

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Umm Archangel is not a cabbage haha he has no plant bacteria in him...he cruises at about 5,000 ft dives in at mach 1 which is roughly 700mp (even spiderman with his reflexes , which are farrrrrr superior to ivy would struggle to avoid that) and again wins by decapitation. And even if she can sense the plant bacteria inhim whch is a weak argument she still has to be able to react quick enough which she can't.

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@scyven: Everyone has plant-based particles inside/on them all the time. Its because of A) our diet or B) pollen from the environment around us latching onto us. So, if Poison Ivy could tap into the Green and sense him coming, she might be able to set up some sort of defense, which might be effective or not. I mean, this is a woman whose plants can crush cars. She can probably give Archangel a fight. Idk who'd actually win, but it would be a good fight.

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I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Ivy's mind control abilities. If she can get Archangel to inhale some of her special spores, then game over, he's her slave.

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plant based particles does not mean bacteria...in fact saying plant bacteria a bad definition...what does that mean? Human bacteria is bacteria we assume can make people sick or live in in human body and help with digestive processes etc...plant bacteria is what? Bacteria that is harmful to plants...contained in plants...bacteria is bacteria dude has nomplant origin is a seperate living organism than a plant...and i don't care if u have the best senses or warning system the strength of the hulk or soups that doesn't make up for blinding speed...she's dead b4 she knows it

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Poison Ivy should win this one.

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Damn, Ivy is some serious business....personally I don't know enough about either besides just basic stuff, at first I thought Arch Angel would win, but naw... Ivy is real serious business

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Ends in sex.

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Mind Control may not work as Archangel's Apocalypse programming may interfere.

I don't claim to understand microbiology, but Ivy was able to take out a Green Lantern by manipulating the some form of microorganism in his digestive tract. It said Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis in the scan so I assumed it was a bacteria. Either way, she can sense and control it.

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I like Ivy more than Warren but I think that he can blitz her before she can make any move(has she ever used the plants inside someone to react faster to his attacks or stop a blitz??)