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#51 Posted by Pokergeist (23180 posts) - - Show Bio

@boschepg: You know what is crazy about debating you? I find your arguments against mine as poor counters with me clearly having a upper hand. Yet somehow you always manage to pull the votes lol.

I still find many flaws in your arguments, but giving ya the win anyway as of now.

#52 Posted by jashro44 (29306 posts) - - Show Bio

I give this to boschepg

#53 Posted by boschePG (3077 posts) - - Show Bio

@cadencev2: This is the fourth time we have fought since my return to the site. The thing is everytime we debate I always try and get better and better just for some reason. The first time I ever fought you you beat me when I had Hawkeye and since then I have downloaded every scan in my collection and that I could find on Hawkeye. I also tend to ignore every other debate Im in just cuz Im so focused on my battle with you, lol

#54 Posted by Pokergeist (23180 posts) - - Show Bio

@boschepg: Well it payed off. Your going to the finals.

#55 Posted by XImpossibruX (5531 posts) - - Show Bio

After reading this I vote CadenceV2. Great argument both of you.