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mine and thread is open for voting

Edit: Post 700 ^_^

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I saved the rules/boons, image of Qward didn't save though :(

Battle takes place

In the anti matter universe at the planet Qward.

A battle between the Monitors and Anti monitor has swung the monitors way and the entire universe will collapse around you in 12 hours.

Any team who hasn't won their battle in that time will be loose two members for the final round ( those two will have to stay behind to hold your enemy while you escape so they will have to be up to holing your opposition long enough)

The winning team will go into the next round with a yellow or Green power ring for each of it's members ( color of the players choice but one color for whole team ). Sorry but realized not all teams would benefit as much with the fear spectrum.

You get 5 hours of prep before your 12 hours but only basic knowledge of your opponents. You also have little to know awareness of the environment your in.

You have access during that prep to only the things either in this universe or the things could normally be expected to carry. You will have to validate how you are aware of or found out what you plan to use from this universe. Nothing you acquired during the prep of the last round will be with you nor will anything that you took from combatants ( Just want to put this out there this disadvantages me more than anyone else).

The planet is populated

You start at opposite sides of the planet

Temporary BFR allowed ( BFR can not defeat a character each character must be brought back to deal with)

win by standard means Kill, KO, entrap.

All characters are IN CHARACTER


  • Power Gem - Mr_Ingenuity
  • Mind Gem - Sovereign91001
  • Soul Gem - CadenceV2
  • Ring of Life - Beatboks1
  • Spear of Destiny - BoschePG
  • The Holy Grail
  • Destroyer armor- DireDrill
  • Bell, Wheel, and Jar of the Demons three
  • Dragonfang
  • Stormbreaker
  • Indigo power ring- Esquire
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we knew that was going to happen. thats why I wanted to make sure i had votes finalised last night. I also saved all the rules and boons chosen ina word doc on my PC but when I tried to get on this morning I couldn't logging in from PC actually took me to the ols site somehow. Also can't seem to post from my android tablet. so far only successful on Iphone ( hopefully) I'll try my laptop(s) and netbook when I get home. just about to start work

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@beatboks1: Yes I'm still up for debate it's just holidays can be busy for me even though I don't celebrate any of them.

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I know, but you listed us as people who needed to finish their debates and I was confused as to why you did that.

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I know, but you listed us as people who needed to finish their debates and I was confused as to why you did that.

I simply quoted an post with a link to the four battles and added some players not on it in @callouts.

Unfortunately as I've discovered with the new site not all the links work. Seems there is a very different number of pages in some threads from pre to post CV 2.0

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Oh okay, sorry to trouble you then. There are some weird quirks to how the system works now. For instance, in my previous post it has the entire thing green whereas I did not do that. I guess we all have some adjusting to do.

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@diredrill ; @esquire ; @cadencev2 ; @backflip ; @sovereign91001 ; @thundergodswrath:@willpayton: @juiceboks: @afueikawa: @boschepg ; @mr_ingenuity

Semi final now up.

Congrats to the winners so far ( hopefully we'll have more votes next round

Round 3 will take place

In the negative Zone.

The winner from the last round will have their choice of either yellow or green power rings for every member of their teams.

They will not take any of the boons from the previous round into this one.

There is no prep, completely random encounter.

The winner of this round will get to choose again from the boons at the end of round 1. This time they will get two choices. Just like before the one who finishes their debate first gets to pick first ( just to help move things along)

My first picture of the draw doesn't seem to have loaded so here is attempt 2

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God it's taken me Sooooo long to find this.

finals time

Mr_ingenuity vs Esquire

the final will take place in DCU Limbo

as per the way limbo works the longer your there the less resolve will you have to leave. you will have to defeat your opponent quickly or be forever trapped.

you will regain the perk you picked for round two, and retain the power rings from last round. you will also get to pick two of the remaining perks that were available in round two ( and yes that includes those that were formerly used by other players). since Esquire's opponent forfeit first he get's the first pick them Mr I then Esquire and Mr I again

battle is completely random no knowledge of even who you are facing because you are just teleported too Limbo at the end of the last battle.

sorry I can't tag or load images guys, away from home in hols and on iPhone and iPad ( can't get my android tablet to see my iPhone hot spot and left my laptops at home)

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Yes no prep, it disadvantage both sides as much

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@mr_ingenuity: @beatboks1

I'll take the Soul Gem first. If Mr_I doesn't want the Mind Gem, I'll take it second. If he wants to use his first pick on the Mind Gem, then I'll take Stormbreaker instead.

Since my team was teleported directly from the last round, my team will look like:

Mister Terrific (2 T-Spheres, T-Mask, Green Lantern Ring)

Mimic (Green Lantern Ring, T-Sphere Creation Blade)

Joshua Coldrake (T-Sphere)

Damper (Green Lantern Ring, T-Sphere)

Mister Majestic (T-Sphere, Creation Blade, Kheran Blade, Two Green Lantern Rings, Indigo Power Ring, Soul Gem, Stormbreaker)

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@esquire: @beatboks1:


  • New 52 Captain Atom w/Green Lantern Ring
  • Shaman X-Man w/PowerGem, Mind Gem
  • Classic/Current Dr Doom w/Green Lantern Ring
  • Shaman King Hao Asakura w/Spirit of Fire, Ring of Life, & Green Lantern Ring
  • Cable w/tech & Info Net Green Lantern Ring