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Battle takes place

In the anti matter universe at the planet Qward.

A battle between the Monitors and Anti monitor has swung the monitors way and the entire universe will collapse around you in 12 hours.

Any team who hasn't won their battle in that time will be loose two members for the final round ( those two will have to stay behind to hold your enemy while you escape so they will have to be up to holing your opposition long enough)

The winning team will go into the next round with a yellow or Green power ring for each of it's members ( color of the players choice but one color for whole team ). Sorry but realized not all teams would benefit as much with the fear spectrum.

You get 5 hours of prep before your 12 hours but only basic knowledge of your opponents. You also have little to know awareness of the environment your in.

You have access during that prep to only the things either in this universe or the things could normally be expected to carry. You will have to validate how you are aware of or found out what you plan to use from this universe. Nothing you acquired during the prep of the last round will be with you nor will anything that you took from combatants ( Just want to put this out there this disadvantages me more than anyone else).

The planet is populated

You start at opposite sides of the planet

Temporary BFR allowed ( BFR can not defeat a character each character must be brought back to deal with)

win by standard means Kill, KO, entrap.

All characters are IN CHARACTER

Team @esquire

  • Mister Majestic (Creation Blades)
  • Mimic
  • Damper (Indigo Power Ring and Power Staff)
  • Mister Terrific
  • Joshua Coldrake

Team @202122

  • Wonder Woman (Stormbreaker [?])
  • Power girl
  • Beta Ray Bill (Stormbreaker)
  • Adam Warlock
  • Maxima
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@202122 you still playing or giving a win to esquire by default

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@beatboks1Can I use Terrific's ability to cross dimensions to access my team's non-standard equipment in the Matter Universe? If not, should I assume, say, half a dozen T-Spheres for Terrific's standard gear?


With 5 hours of prep, not a whole lot is going to happen, honestly. I'm assuming I can't use Terrific's headquarters or anything of the like, so I'm left with just standard gear. Majestic and Terrific will do some planning, Damper will practice with his Indigo Stuff, (He's devoted his life to keeping a group of frightened magical teenagers safe, so he's pretty compassionate), and Mimic will practice with his power combinations. Majestros will give one of his Creation Blades to Mimic. That's about all I should need.


Damper will use his field to conceal Coldrake and Terrific, and Mimic will hide in his own field while Majestic remains visible. Coldrake's anti-magic ability will render both Stormbreakers inert, and will render Wonder Woman's other magical paraphernalia useless as well. This leaves BRB much more vulnerable, and makes Wonder Woman's abilities questionable. (She's very much a magical creature, after all.) Majestic will go on the offensive, attacking Power Girl. He has her outclassed in virtually every way. He's much stronger and astronomically more skilled, and his Blade can slice right through her. Power Girl will go down hard. Mimic will open up on Maxima with Jean Grey's telepathy backed by Majestic's psychic power, and while she's trying to defend herself psychically he'll use his Majestic abilities to blitz her while invisible. Majestic will continue his rampage, cutting down Adam Warlock with the Creation Blades and his ridiculous combat abilities. Mimic will blitz the mostly depowered BRB, Majestic will take down the hampered Wonder Woman, and my team gets an easy win without even taking Terrific and Damper's offensive abilities into account.

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@esquire: No access to anything but this anti matter universe. His tshperes are however something he usually carries wit him half a dozen sounds reasonable.

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@esquire:Looks like you get an easy through this round