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SkottieScott: Scott Morse's Rhino
Super Heroes #5
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Pitt. If memory serves, he is stronger, has a healing factor, insane endurance, and I do believe his claws will cut through that hide. I need to dig up my old Pitt comics, but I don't think that Rhino has anywhere near the power to take down Pitt. Pitt was basically a Hulk knock off.

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Pitt destroys Rhino. Rhino at best could get in three lucky shots and a spear, but pain makes Pitt a much better fighter, he's ruthless and could choke Rhino to death with that chain, if not impale him with the hook end.

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Rhino is going to die a terrifying death.

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Current 85+ tonner, still dumb... but pissed & focused Rhino, has a slim chance here. Rhino has had several "up-grades" over the last decade. He is stronger, more durable, and has WAY more endurance than at his inception. Having said all that, Pitt wins atleast 6+/10 here, maybe more. Rhino is super strong and durable, with incredible endurance, even w/out his suit now days. The suit only adds like a 10% boost to his stats across the board...

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@Nefarious said:

Rhino is going to die a terrifying death.
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This is a total stomp in favor of Pitt.. He DESTROYS rhino in this fight!!