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Round 1:H2H

Round 2:Gun Fight(Both have modern guns and understand how it work)

Round 3:Sabre Vs huge Knife

Round 4:100 Vs 100 (Modern Guns)

Round 5:Who's the coolest

(No Boats or Horse)

Pirate(He have two feets)


Cowboy(Without the horse)

Who win

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Depends on situation and equipment and what pirate or cowboy it is

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@AmazingScrewOnHead said:


Depends on situation and equipment and what pirate or cowboy it is


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Cowboy's got this except round 2...a pirate with fencing experience would easily kill a cowboy with a bowie knife.

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Cowboys, historically were just cowherds. It could also be an insult to imply some one a horse thief.

Taking that into account, the Pirates stomp.

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I like the match up, but maybe be more specific as to whom these combatants are. Who is the Cowboy and who is the Pirate? It is hard to pit to figures against each other when there are no feats with which to judge the result. I.E. Jonah Hex would murder Jack Sparrow. But Davy Jones would obliterate The Rawhide Kid.

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This thread gives me an idea for a battle.

The Pirates would win all rounds. The thing people seem to forget is that Cowboys were usually men that herded cows. whereas some pirates are outcasts from the british navy

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@AmazingScrewOnHead: @tomlikesfries: @nerdork:

a ramdom Pirate Vs a ramdom Cowboy....

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In that case...Pirate!

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1. Pirate, pirates brawl and fight all the time, they need to in order to survive and to hijack or pillage other ships

2. Cowboy probally, They will have more expeirence with firearms mainly because they need to kill vermin like Coyotes to protect livestock, and the men from the wild west have some of the greatest marksman the world has ever known, I am distantly related to Buffalo Bill or Wyyat Earp, and he is a prime example of the mighty gunslinger of the Wild West, Pirates may have guns on there ship but fights on the deck will become close combat real quick meaning a Pirate armed with a firearm would just need to hit them at point blank or at a short range which obviously takes less skill.

3. Pirate stomps, a cutlass is made to cut through thick ropes and it cuts limbs just as easy, and it has a longer blade than the knife giving the pirate a distinct advantage, and pirates would know how to fight in close quarters alot more than a cowboy would.

4. Cowboys for reasons explained above

5. I would say Pirates, dont get me wrong cowboys are epic but i would rather be a pirate than a cowboy :P