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Palp, he's the force and the saber

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I think both characters have a fair shot, Pin embodies Hell Palp embodies the dark side of the force

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Ok so ive read alot of comics with Pinhead in them ive read the Hellraiser comics which are 20 issues, ive read the specials only 3 specials, ive read a mini series called harrowers i think which is only six issues, and there was a small mini which was only about pinhead, There was Pinhead vs marshal law the hero hunter. The only ones i likes ALOT were marshall law the hero hunter the 20 issue series and the specials. Hell has a heirchy Pinhead is at the very top, He is like a son to the god of hell leviathan not ap hysical son but he's leviathans smartest, most evil, most sadistic cenobite, He leads ALL the other cenobites there are countless amounts of cenobites each with diffrent powers but He's the most powerful. He is also BRILLIANT. cenobites cannot be killed except by 5 or six mystical weapons Pinhead got the goddess who made them to destroy them. Leviathan sometimes sends the cenobites on missions that send humanity down a dark path, the inquisition, genocide, etc etc. Like i said Hells cenobites have a diversity of powers which ive seen which i will now list 
1. Making hooks or other sharp objects appear out of nowere 
2. Pinhead once took the skin off someone to look like them 
3. Reanimate dead corpses (zombie) 
4. possession  
5 able to alter human DNA so that they give birth to puzzle gaurdians that take care of the various puzzles that are created by hells puzzle craftsmen  
6. manipulation of time. 
7. taking humans and remodeling them into grotesque monsters like having 3 heads and stuff like that  
8. The Cenobites LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE pain in fact there all covered in hidious wounds they inflict these wounds on themselves which include intense body peircings, laccerations, removing cenobites eyes, removing the tounges, etc etc there all diffrent, They suffer in order to achieve pleasure though to a human this type of pleasure is to much and overloads the senses they cant handle it, like Frank from the novel hellbound heart. Frank was left in a state by the cenobites were he was nothing more then like a mass of flesh.........that every movement itself cause agaony since his nerves were exposed he had a hole for a mouth and maybe one eye. 
9. i saw a cenobite stop a moment in time and freeze it  
10. I saw a cenobite enter a women to remove her unborn child (pretty sick stuff) 
11. the cenobites can be invisible to whom they choose 
12. they are experts in arcane magic especially baldarath hells librarian 
13, they can forge weapons that never run out of bullets like Atkins hells armerour  
14. giving people diseases, curing them of diseases 
 On the whole they have a limitless range of abilities. Palpatine can destroy pinheads physical body in the movie it was possible but then again it was done by the maker of the box..............and id like to mention that this sequal was probably hated by clive barker adn thus i dont know if its even in continuity THE COMICS ARE in continuity because he did like the comics. In the comics i never saw anything to hurt pinhead except when he was cut off from hell which can be done if someone closes the box but he stays behind. THATS ONE WEAKNESS. If you were to kill pinhead he'd just go back to hell. I dont know if any of palpatines illusion powers or illusion powers can fool or control Pinhead i highly doubt it. On the other hand cenobites CAN possess others he could possess palpatine and cause him to kill himself. But the Emperor can transfer her essance into another body but they usually burn out cause of his heavy duty powers. Pinhead might drag him to hell in this spirit form though i mean he is a demon. Sidious could try trapping him with a thought bomb which traps you in torment till the end of time i dont think that Pinhead would mind the torment  
Palpaine can open wormholes and all that stuff. But when it comes to being unkillable i think Pinhead wins in that area  

BOTTOME LINE: if i was Pinhead id try possessing the emperor and having him kill himself. Or id maybe freeze time on him untill a later date. I would disguise myself as someone sidious trusted but sidious would probably sense that. He could just get sidious when he's to busy like when he was to busy killing luke skywalker and vader threw him into the reactor. 
If i was sidious id try my best to just send Pinhead back to hell by closing the box other then that he'd just keep coming back and back and back

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I forgot to mention palpatines abilities 
1. force lightning 
2. telekenesis that can bring down starships maybe even move planets there is one dark jedi who did move a planet i think and there was one sith who tried to move a moon. Even if he cant do this he can still move pretty heavy stuff. 
3. Force Flight

4. amazing swordsman he's suppose to be trained in every style he killed three jedi masters very easily only Yoda and Windu put up a fight BUT George Lucas said that Sidious pretended to lose to Windu and i agree since Windu's swordsmanship is not as good as Yoda's and the emperor was able to statemate Yoda 
5. He can transfer his essance into other bodies though i think they have to be a certain type of body he usually had clones but they were sabotagued 
6. He can create force storms that when are small can transport people over long distances, when there big they can destroy entire star fleets. 
7. He is known to be the most powerful sith lords ever or one of them. with the right equpiment he can probably cause stars to go nova using sith crystals. He can probably construct a thoguht bomb that can trap pinhead (probaby the only way he could win) 
8. He can do basically every force ability except copy darth plagues method of semi immortality, though other siths have found other methods like darth sion, darth nihilus and eventually Palpatine himself like i said

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From what I gather, Pinhead is pretty much a reality manipulator. Pin's created hooks and other weapons out of thin air, can teleport, can cause explosions out of nowhere, is telepathic and can deceive victims with illusions.