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  • Xenomorph Prime is the homeworld of the Alien (Xenomorph) species
  • The team must survive for one week, and must be comprised of 7 members
  • Members can be chosen from comics, movies, TV shows, or video games (alien or human)
  • No team member can exceed super soldier/predator level physical stats (characters such as Master Chief, Captain America, Wolf Predator acceptable)
  • Team members may not have powers outside of physical abilities or intelligence (no Iceman, Professor X, or Magneto type characters)
  • No healing factors
  • Members may possess all skills/gear available to them in their respective appearances
  • Team gets 2 day prep for arrival on planet
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Smiley (predator)

Captain America


Winter Soldier


Master Chief

Deadpool (doesn't have his healing factor)


Smiley has already taken out a Queen before. he will brief the others on Xenomorphs and their abilities.

Batman will prep everybody.

Cap, Master Chief and Smiley will formulate a plan.

In 2 days, batman can create exo-skeleton suits that can self sustain team members for a week or so, and provide basic weaponry/defense/cloaking. The suits should have other basic uses like nightvision, heatvision, and limited flight. The suits are kinda based off of Smiley's weaponry, which is pretty effective against Xeno's.

Basically, if they get into a tight spot, they can escape by flying out.

All of their suits capabilities should alert them to any nearby Xeno's.

I think my team can last a week pretty easily, they have the skills and the smarts to do so. The prep and the suits give them more help.

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@Voogaloo: Are these characters kosher?

Vincent Valentine (No Transformations)

Tifa Lockheart

Ultimate Hawkeye

Frank Castle



Wolf Predator

Thanks for reading,


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@ChaosBlazer: That was a pretty awesome response, haha.
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Crue:Chuck Norris,Wolf Predator, Deacon(I didn't see all his bat feats. but i think that with his size right after going out of the eng makes a promise that he's at least 22ft. tall) An Engineer , Batman, Another Predator

The Guy who dies first: Justin bieber

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Punisher, Stone Heart, Daredevil, Mordecai (Borderlands), Black Panther, Cyclops, the Medic from Team Fortress 2. Mordecai, Stone Heart, Cyclops, and Punisher would deal most of hurt to the aliens. Daredevil would be listening for aliens. Black Panther and Cyclops would do the planning. Medic would heal. (Obiviously.)

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Captain America( command, and impenetrable shield) Back Panther(genius, vibranium gear) Batman(tactician, inventor) Hawkman(flight, nth metal gear) Ult Hawkeye(scout, ranged unit) Punisher(heavy gunner) Taskmaster(memory)

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Ultimate Hawkeye - Beretta M9 Sidearm, Tactical Bow w/ Optics and Steel Arrows, and Accuracy International AW Sniper Rifle w/ Armor Piercing Ammunition

Machiko Noguchi - Hunting Attire (Plate Armor, Cloaking, and Helmet), Wrist Blades, Combat Knife, and Pulse Rifle

Smiley (Predator) - Hunting Attire (Plate Armor, Cloaking, and Helmet), Wrist Blades, Wrist Gauntlet (Nets, Sat-Com, Plasma Bolt), Combi Stick, Smart Disc, and Plasma Caster

Deathstroke (New 52) - Nth Armor, Promethium Blades, Beretta M9 Sidearm, Scar-H w/ Armor Piercing Ammunition, Assortment of Explosives, and Fragmentation Grenades

Ultimate Captain America - Beretta M9 Sidearm, AK-47 w/ Standard Ammunition, Fragmentation Grenades, and Shield

2 Synthetics (AVP: Civilized Beast) armed with Phase Plasma Rifles

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Instead of looking at this as massive fight I am looking at this as survival in the wild.

My team is mainly people who are known survivors and could help the team as a whole survive without much argument or in fighting:

Ellen Ripley

Next to the Predators, Ripley has the knowledge on the

Xenomorph species she also knows how to deal or avoid them from a human perspective.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn

With his many years experience of being a ranger, soldier, as well as an elf's wisdom he will lead my team. Well versed in avoiding the dark lord forces for so long he could lead this group to avoid the aliens. He is also well-versed in taking on things more powerful than himself and inspiring courage against unbeatable odds.


Totally brilliant and as well all know willing to do anything to survive. His physical skills are also impressive as his financial resources can greatly assist the team as well as his technical skills.

Allan Quartermain

Hunter Legend, he has tracked and hunted the most dangerous beasts on the planet. His skills in tracking, hunting, survival, and shooting are next to none.

Green Arrow

I would normally would go with Hawkeye but Ollie lived on an island by himself for some time. He is skilled in hunting and survival. The only issue I see is his issues with Slade.


He will be my scout. With his ninja training he can avoid the Aliens without trouble. Being a soldier and ninja for so long he will work well with my team. Although his conversation skills are lacking...

Deathstroke (Pre-52)

What can I say the man has done it all. His survival skills are to range, his ability to get the job done are legendary. With Ozymendias, Aragorn, and Ripley they will come up with strategic plans to avoid trouble and how do deal with trouble when it comes along.

My Plan

Is to avoid trouble at all costs, we gather then find shelter an hide, then move on scouting and mapping the planet as we do so. Ozymendias tech and money will provide all the gear we need as well as our think-tank. Snake-Eyes will be my ears, Ollie, Allan, and Slade will kill trouble from a great distance. Slade and Aragorn will set Traps. Ripley will give us insight on what we are dealing with and Aragorn will keep us in good spirits and properly motivated.

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Byron Williams (From Mars Attacks) *Sure to give any alien a good Punch to the head

Vash the Stampede (From Trigun) *Ace Marksmen

Batman (Well yeah he's going in there)

Dr Oct

Carson Beckett (Stargate Atlantis) *Medical doctor and Geneticist

Dr Leonard McCoy (Seems as they can't have a healing factor their gonna need medical assistance, from a Dr) * Star Trek doctor

Brandon Heat (Gungrave) * Top Marksmen

Scenario: The Crew land on Xenomorph. They set up a place that Should serve as a good holding ground. They set up two centuries one guarding the North exit (Vash) and one the South exit (Brandon) Dr Oct the main cause for them to land on this alien planet has heard of a rare mineral found only in the Vast desert of this Planet. He has also heard of several Unusual life-forms that dwell on this planet. Bruce who paid for this expedition wanted to make sure his money wasn't wasted (Plus he wanted to see if he could alter any of his equipment with any alien technologies that might be found.

After 3 and a half hours there is a solar storm, rendering there vessal useless but according to Otto Gunther It should take a week to repair the engine.

Byron who ended up being dragged into this for the T.V stardom seems to find it very boring and misses his family. He leaves the ship deciding that he might find some form of entertainment or something to fight (If he is lucky) Both McCoy and Carson think that this is a bad idea to go wondering around a Unknown planet on his own and get Bruce and Brandon to go with him.

Meanwhile Otto Finds the rare Stone that he had been looking for and heads back to HQ to study it's properties

Vash sees Movement in the Distance and assumes it is a Avalanche (Seeing as it is like a cloud of Blackness) He rushes to tell the others and is surprised to see that several members have gone walk-a-bouts.

Dr Otto tells Vash that he should inform the others about what he has seen.

Bruce notices as they walk that in places there is Thick web covering rocks and takes a specimen in a test-tube. Then it happens a loud Screech followed by repetitive echoes. Only they are not echoes at all they are coming from The younglings of whatever let out the Screech.

Several Xenomorph's Jump out from the Boulders that are surrounding them.

Brandon pulls his Gun and shoots one right in the throat, that just ended up leaving a fountain of Acidic blood spraying in their direction. Bruce has to reveal who he is (Unfortunately he would have preferred not to do this) and quickly put's his Armored suit on.

Back on the Ship Dr Octopus puts on his mechanical arms Again and steps out to find that Vash and the two Medical Experts are Playing Poker.

He tells them that they Should find the others

(3 days have passed)

Bruce emerges from behind a gunk covered Rock. No Sign of Brandon and Byron. What were those things. He looks around and sees Byron's Shirt laying near a Small Oasis of water.

Otto discovers the solution to the problem that he had found in his Energy Research. Vash and the others are hard at work preparing everything for their voyage home. The Ships repair work is almost done as well.

Day 4

Bruce finds Brandon in a cave half way back to the Ship, still no Sight of Byron. He must of gone a completely different way.They Begin looking for their crew-member

Day 5

Bruce and Brandon Return to HQ and tell the others that Byron is missing,

Otto tells them that he has finished repairing the ship and if they don't find Byron within 48 hrs they will have to Abandon him. Bruce and Brandon rest for 5 hours and get checked by McCoy and Carson.

Otto and Vash head out to look for Byron.

Day 6

Otto and Vash Return. Otto tells Bruce and Brandon that they Have to get of this Planet because theirs a massive disturbance with the creatures that inhabit this world. They do a final search around the edge of HQ.

Day 7

As they prepare to Set out a Frail Voice calls Byron Emerges. The Dr's aid him into walking to the ship

They take off leaving this disgusting planet.

They survive and all left safely....


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or is it

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Batman, Ozymandias, Deathstroke, Shredder, Phineas & Ferb, Zero (Borderlands).

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Team of 7 Deathwatch Tactical Marines. Thats all you need to destroy those Xenos!

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I have a team in mind, but Could I have a bit more specific's on what you mean by healing factor? Because if I remember correctly, Cap has one, but not at the level of say, Spiderman, who is below Wolverine, who is below Deadpool. I ask because two fo the memembers of my team do have a healing factor I believe, but ones that would be above caps but below wolverine.

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Obviously no one like The cheerleader or Wolverine who heal without effort.

I don't think that Medics are a problem as long as they don't use things like Senzu beans or special abilities to heal there comrades

like Sakura from Naruto.

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If authorised, Animal Man, if not, Taskmaster