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For whatever reason, Monica is in the DC Universe and living a quiet life as a housewife. While the kids are at school and her wonderful husband at work, she hears a loud BANG!! and a half a second later, a disgruntled superman crashes through her living room, destroying her home. Superman and The Flash have been racing around the Earth, when Clark trips over a car two blocks from Monica's home; this is what causes the accident. A chuckling Barry runs back to Metropolis, leaving The Man of Steel to deal with the problem himself. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Superman has just pissed off and extremely powerful being. A fuming Photon confronts Superman who tries to run away. She chases him and they both crash land in the Saharan Desert. A battle ensues.



-Morals on (in character)

-No prep

-Random Encounter

-No Bystanders

-Fight takes place in here:

Who Wins!!

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@ComocYahweh: Explanations?

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Monica...very easily.

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I think Monica wins this

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i'm not sure but if she can create red sun radiations she wins hands down

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@ComocYahweh said:


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