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  • You Guys Probaly Think Iron Fist Doesnt Stand A Chance Against Phoenix But When You Read Bout Him Youll Know
  • The Iron Fist, a concentration: When Iron Fist Gets In HisMode Like His Medatation Chi Mode He Really Has More Power Than You Can Ever Believe I Think He Beats Her Because Whille Phoenix Is Trying To Abolish Him His Power Is Like, I Cant Explain But When Hes Relaxed And Hes In Medetation Mode He Can Do Anything He Wishes Well Thats What I Think aND With His Healing Ability He Can Possibly Heal All Of Her Attacks She Throws AT Him like When He Fought The Great Dragon ShoLao And The Ice Giant He Faced A God For Gods Sake He Took Out Shaoloa In His Dragon Form And The Giant God With His Own Power
  • Heres Some Of His Abilities You Should See

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As much as I would like to say Iron Fist the pheonix takes this but if this is a joke thread I loled.

In before the lock!

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Flagged. You're either highly overestimating the Iron Fist, or you know nothing about Phoenix.