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Peter accidentally teleports himself to the lair of Dr. Manhattan, his eyes go white the same way Dr. Manhattan's does. Dr. Manhattan did not see the arrival of Peter from the future and assumes he is a spy of Ozymandias sent to destroy him.

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were are does the fight take place, is drm in his prime , is peter in his prime, you need to be more specific more detailed on making these threads, any way ignoring these lack of details

dr.m curbstomp peter isnt familiar of dr.ms power its a total curbstomp

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Dr. Manhattan wins here
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Dr.M, unfortunately.

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@Tevnoba said:
"Dr.M, unfortunately. "

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Blue man

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Nerx said:
Blue man

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Peter might have a win if he had all of the abilities of every powered character seen thus far in the Heroes show and GN.

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Peter would lose to the man with the blue........errrr........peter ?

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WindCloud said:
Peter would lose to the man with the blue........errrr........peter ?
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Dr. M, Peter could not copy his powers.

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@sevennames27: even if he could he wouldnt be as skilled. Dr M has had his powers for like 2 to 3 decades. Dr. M wins regardless

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Dr. Manhattan destroys.

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What can Peter do to him? I thought Dr. M can reconstruct himself.