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Peter can hardly beat tinkerbell lol

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another pretty silly post but i can never resist. superman would mop the floor with peter pan and all the lost boys. he would rip peter pan's skin off and manufactor a krypton condom for himself and then fk the shit out of neverland! stop posting silly battles please, however i will admit it is slightly entertaining and forfilling to drill someone every now and then... its healthy.

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(((SUPERMAN))) (((peter pan is dead)))

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Pan would be in even worse shape then if he were in the same room as Michael Jackson for a "fun filled" sleepover

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WTF mate

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lol even tho im sick of superman, he would easy kill peter pan, really what the hell can he do to superman? the man of steel that wears the same old underwear that small like hot garbage, this is a joke, this sould be call peter pan vs michael jackson.

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I hate Superman but I am gonna have to give this to him

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What the Hell is Peter Pan going to do to Superman ? This is a Curbstomp in favor of Superman.
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Poke poke poke poke break

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Sling Shot says:


lol really? pan can't do nothing to him, the only thing pan can do is sell more peter pan peanut butter, that's it, oh i like the creamy one.

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Supe would inhale Pan, then crap him out into fairy dust.

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kill yo self lmao huge curbstomp