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There is no way Harry's winning.........

Percy is unaffected by water pressure which means he can withstand up to ( 8 tons / Sq. inch )

But more accurately in regardes to a punch ---------> ( 1,115 tons / Sq. foot )

What is Harry doing that no Street leveler can't do. Even dragons can deflect magic off them due to their tough hide.

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Wait a minute! can riptide even harm harry? It is celestial bronze

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@sidhant_majoo: As long as Harry is not a normal mortal it can. And it's usually assumed that his sword will work in battles like these.

@supersaiyan_danger: He's immune to water pressure because he's the son of Poisieden. That dosn't translate to physicals at all.

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Percy has withstand tarturas, now he is so powerful,only if this was based in house of hades Groan!

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I will say that Percy wins this. As mentioned before Percy has powers over nature itself and no wizard in the entirety of the Harry Potter verse has anything they can do about that level of natural disasters. Another thing in Percy's favor although Harry does have a huge variety of spells he can use just how many will he actually use. In each of the books he learns at least one or two new spells but in consequent books use them sparingly if at all with the exception of Expelliarmus and Stupify as well as Apparition. After Percy demonstrates an ability he uses it over and over again. His water abilities show up constantly and in Son of Neptune so does his hurricane powers. Now the only power I would say Percy does not exercise often is his Earthquake ability. So unless Harry really truly pisses him off he wouldn't use it in the first encounter. Now we have established that Percy in terms of strength, speed, skill, and overall power quality is better than Harry Potter. Now it was mentioned earlier that Percy has average intelligence this is very UNTRUE. Annebeth herself says that Percy is in fact quite intelligent and perceptive, he is just very obtuse (meaning he doesn't always see the obvious even when it is right in front of him such as people's feelings and what they are trying to say indirectly). Now this is a daughter of Athena saying this, one of the most prideful of all demigods complimenting someone else on their intelligence. Harry is not exactly dumb or stupid either but he does not show the technical smarts of Percy. So in that field I will also give the edge to Percy. I have read every single Harry Potter book at least four times and every Percy Jackson book to date and will say that there really is no way for Harry to win this fight unless Percy just quits. Percy's spirit is almost indomitable so I don't see the Imperious working on him at all, it has been mentioned many times that Percy is like to Sea itself in that he does not like to be controlled. The Cruciatus may slow Percy down but then it comes down to his pain tolerance and even before House of Hades Percy has taken some of the most remarkable damage and still kept fighting without pause. Case in point this is the same demigod who held the strain and pain of holding up the sky. Harry Potter has no way of putting out that much pain. Avada Kedavra is almost a mute point as I think at one point it was mentioned that Harry would never under any circumstance be able to cast that curse no matter how angry or furious he was now I could be wrong about that so I will do more research into it so don't quote me on that last part. As for location I can see Percy dodging all the spells Harry has and if he apparates behind Percy, Percy has shown to have some Clairvoyance and would more than likely dodge this. Harry Potter was shown to dodge this as well in the films and it has been established he is not as fast as Percy. Final thing if they fight in the air on their respected companions whats to stop Percy from creating a hurricane in the air and just knocking Buckbeak to the ground uncontrollably to his death and Harry with him?

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Remember, when Percy last created a hurricane he almost killed himself and survived by pure luck. Harry can just use Expelliarmus to disarm Percy. Even if Percy can dodge good, he will eventually wear out. Spells are just flashes of light, Percy could think it was a flash of the sun. They are faster than ONE bullet. Remember, Percy lost the Achilles thing in The Lost Hero, so that is out. Harry has an advantage at long-range. Percy can't use an arrow for his life. If Percy decides on going hard, Harry can just repeatedly cast Imperious until his gets it. Also, Harry can Apparate! If Percy starts coming in closer, poof, he appears a few feet behind him to get a clear shot at his back to cast a Crucio. Harry has used it before, so don't start saying he wont. Sure, Percy can use water, but Harry could cast an easy Protego to protect himself from it. If Percy manages to drown him, he could use a bubble-head charm that he learns in the fifth book. One more point: By the time Percy is twelve, Harry is about thirty and has an excellent knowledge of different spell that Hermione might tell him about. Don't even get started about the Elder Wand. Since Harry is the REAL master of it, he would be Percy with a flick of his wand and an "Avada Kedavra." Stop bashing Harry Potter just because you're repeatedly failing to prove Percy Jackson is better. I'm just saying the obvious. Everyone else is trying to say things that would never happen.

Harry Potter wins hands down. Don't think anything else.

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@younga1: The Cruciatus is mental pain, you can't fight it off at all. You can try to ignore it, but soon Percy would be driven mad from it. That's why it is an unforgivable.

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You are all aware that cruciatus can be blocked right?

As well as dodged

The only unforgivable curse that can't really be avoided is imperio but due to Percy's momentus will it would be nothing to him

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@morgrim: the cruciatus curse can't be block by say pertago but can only be counterd by another offense spell or if the user isn't strong enough to actually make the spell powerful

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@magnificentstorm: On the contrary my friend

First off just for the record we all agree the spell can be dodged if you want some more evidence (I placed some earlier on the thread) I would be happy to repost

Secondly many spells if not all in harry potter have been shown to be reflectable and not only by other spells. Spells have been seen ricocheting and bouncing off walls and other inanimate objects mostly notably bronze, as exampled when avada kedvra bounced off the bronze statues in the ministry of magic.

This means that any object with enough density can block./deflect a spell. And if regular bronze could deflect the supposedly most power spell in the series, Then celestial bronze would have no trouble

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@morgrim: I don't think Percy will be wearing celestial bronze every hour of his life. Remember, this is not prepared. Don't forget Harry wouldn't have trouble in a fist-fight either. In the third book, he threw a fully grown man (Sirius Black) on the ground and hurt him. He isn't weak, especially as the series goes on. Maybe that adds to something too.

In my earlier post, I said no one can dodge spells forever. That counts.

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@mipk90: I didn;t say that Percy would be wearing celectial bronze. I said his sword is made of celestial bronze meaning he can block and deflect spells using the edge of his blade just as he deflects arrows on a regular basis.

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Percy wins this easily, esp. with Heroes of Olympus feats.

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percy stomps harry

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But Jason would beat percy

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percy jakson

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@darktiger: Hazel and Nico both state that Percy has the more raw power of the two, and when they fought in the middle of Iowa, nowhere any water, Percy was able to match Jason easily.

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percy definitly. i mean, he has the gods on his side, right?

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Percy wins, for the sole reason that Harry does not have enough experience to compete with someone like him. Harry beat a guy with no nose? That's cute. Percy has dueled the God of War, multiple Titans (including their leader, Kronos), fought off entire battalions of enemies, defeated Kampê (one of the deadliest monsters in Greek mythos), and large assortments of other extremely dangerous monsters I won't take the time to name. Percy GODstomps, to be a little ironic.

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Harry wins in both rounds.He has much more possibilities of atacks.

You are guys not using brains.What about carpe rectractum?spell that creates magical rope.He can easily pull the sword out of percy and then percy is dead.

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@stormdriven: Whoa whoa, Low balling much? you forgot to mention he owned that giant at the end of son of neptune... And he fought Ares when he was only twelve, And you forgot to mention Percy's skill. I'll do it for you.

@marcanon: Riptide Is magic, It will just reappear in Percy's hand...

Pecy's skills and other advantages:

Built in battle reflexes



Extremely skilled with a sword

Quite strong

Some Aerokinesis

Extremely brave

Trained fighter

Can make jokes better than all of harry's combined

A universe load of experience

strangled a snake to death when he was three

Is one of the most powerful demigods

survived the tartarus

the list is slightly longer

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@swordmasterd: I wasn't low balling, I just didn't want to type all that stuff out, especially since I was on my phone. And I did mention him dueling Ares.

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@stormdriven: I was joking when I said low balling

You didn't mention he was twelve

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@swordmasterd: Oh I see. And true, I didn't. Anyway, Percy takes this with little difficulty.

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riptide cant touch mortals!! it can only hurt demigods and gods!! so first round goes to harry!

second round goes to percy cause of water

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@tafkteesta: 1. Stop bumping old threads.

2. OP specifically stated that in this instance, Riptide can harm Harry. Read before commenting.

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@mrunsmiley: ok chill mr unsmiley. And its my will if I want to "bump" into old threads or not

and my fault i didnt read the instructions carefully and just posted on the basis of what I read on other posts

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Percy destroys

He can blow up glaciers, summon hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis and has held up the sky. Defeated immortal beings like Titans (Kronos, Iapetus, Hyperion) and Gigantes that we're born to destroy gods. Percy can automatically heal by just being in water and gains extra strength. His sword, Riptide is a magical weapon created by the goddess Pleione and was used by Hercules. In House of Hades, he was able to manipulate poisons, and liquid inside bodies like tears and sweat. Potter dies horribly.

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@mipk90: what the heck are you talking about? The last time Percy summoned a hurricane in battle, it was during the Son of Neptune when he was battling an army of immortal ghosts. He wasn't even tired, and he probably killed the entire army at least 3 times, but since they are immortal they can't die. Has Harry ever defeated an immensely powerful immortal being like the Titans or the Gigantes? Percy defeated Ares, the god of war, on his first quest. Come on, this is a stomp

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Harry potter wins in every possible way

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@marcanon: riptide goes into his pocket if he loses it plus he has enhanced reflexes. Also Percy is a master swordsman so he can cut it a sword is not the same as a wood staff or something it can cut a rope.

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@maninthemountain: not to mention that said mountain was holding down typhon for the gods sake (pun intended) plus he still survived in the end this is not a who can survive their own power out of ten attempts at blowing them self up competition. I mean in the end Percy made it out but Harry always needs help. Oh and we astaished that riptide would block spells so the unforgivable curses would do nothing and poor Harry can't go hand to hand with a master swordsman.

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I adore both series, but I'd have to give it to Percy. Still remember in Son of Neptune when he created a hurricane just by fighting

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Haven't read past The Last Olympian but from there I would say Harry, at least in instance two. Bloodlusted by book 7 he could very well use any of the forbidden curses, and the River Styx may make his body (near?) invulnerable but the killing and cruciatus curses have nothing to do with durability.

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Haha you serious?

Harry totally stomps.What Percy can do?throw sword on him lol?Even with his earthquakes and hurricanes and water control he can be easily outsmarted by harry teleport spell and then for example killed for behind (in case that sword can deflect magic).

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@maninthemountain: ok, listen. All these things Percy did was to monsters. The only way he EVER defeated them was by taking some past information from Greek heroes and copying them. Wow. Big accomplishment. Harry has distance: from far away, he can kill Percy, especially if he sees him as a threat. Percy can't shoot an arrow for his life, unless a moronic goddess helps him. Please, Percy can't even fight off annabeth or Thalia. And Harry is NOT A WIMP. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Stop bothering to tell people who think Harry will win is going to die right away. Always the pessimist, aren't you? Just so you remember: monsters are different than humans!!!! All monsters have a weak side, and Percy only had to rack his brain to remember what or where it is.

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@mipk90: once again, you fail to back up your opinion with evidence or give me a reason why. Long distance? Dude, this is a 1vs1 fair match where both opponents are facing each other. And he doesn't new to frickin shoot arrows, he ha Riptide that can return back to his pocket, which Harry doesn't know of. I'm saying Harry is a wimp compared to a fully trained son of Poseidon who literally went on 5 quests in 5 years. Percy does not have to rack his brain because obviously he knows what humans are capable of. The demigod might get caught off guard because of potter's magic, but the wizard is going to be really surprised in seeing Percy's abilities. What the heck do you mean he can't hold off Thalia? In titans's curse he was ready to destroy her with a whirlpool when he stopped because of the oracle. Nico and Hazel themselves said Percy was the strongest demigod. It even says it in the Camp half Blood wiki. So once again, Percy wins.

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@maninthemountain: we are now talking in circles. I'm pretty sure I explained what I said. Harry can hide behind a tree or something. When he finds a clear shot, say a spell, and boom, Percy is dead. Now there's the thing about magic. Percy has a sword that returns to his pocket. One catch: it does not come back the next second. Harry only needs that split second to disarm Percy to kill him. Circle part: Percy goes on quests. You repeated this multiple times now, and your running out of things to say. Add I just said before, the majority of Percy's quests is full of MONSTERS. I know that Percy knows how humans think, but Harry is use to fighting fellow humans also, which gives him an advantage there.

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@penderor said:

Haha you serious?

Harry totally stomps.What Percy can do?throw sword on him lol?

You're kidding, right? Percy has so many ways to insta-kill Harry it's not even funny. What's Harry gonna do, throw his wand?

Even with his earthquakes and hurricanes and water control he can be easily outsmarted by harry teleport spell and then for example killed for behind (in case that sword can deflect magic).

Harry is a very uncertified and incapable Apparater. If it takes him several minutes of concentrating in a completely peaceful environment to Apparate, what says he can do it in 5 seconds while Percy is coming at him with a sword in one hand and a huge wave behind the other? He'll just splinch himself, and Percy will auto-win.

Percy wins, no contest whatsoever.

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@mipk90 said:

@maninthemountain: we are now talking in circles. I'm pretty sure I explained what I said. Harry can hide behind a tree or something.

Whaaat? By your logic, Percy could just hide underwater and drown Harry half a dozen times before he can even tell whats going on.

When he finds a clear shot, say a spell, and boom, Percy is dead. Now there's the thing about magic. Percy has a sword that returns to his pocket. One catch: it does not come back the next second. Harry only needs that split second to disarm Percy to kill him.

Harry, with his complete human abilities, has manage to dodge several Avada Kedavras and countless other spells. If Harry can do that, then Percy, who has Demigod reflexes, ADHD, quest-honed instincts and insane combat skills, could literally just skip past anything Harry can shoot at him. Plus, Percy could deflect it and/or block it with water.

Circle part: Percy goes on quests. You repeated this multiple times now, and your running out of things to say. Add I just said before, the majority of Percy's quests is full of MONSTERS. I know that Percy knows how humans think, but Harry is use to fighting fellow humans also, which gives him an advantage there.

True, monsters are different from wizards. However, in those quests, Percy has faced constant life and death situations, and always managed to come out on top. These experiences have helped him amass many skills, abilities and powers, as well as a certain degree of knowledge, that could greatly aid him against Harry (like combat skills, new water-based abilities, etc). Harry, on the other hand, has got nothing on Percy. His quests gave him very little; the Sorcerers Stone didn't teach him a thing, except that it hurts to touch Quirrell. The Chamber only gave him info on Voldemort's diary, Tom Riddles real identity and what Phoenix tears can do. Need I say more?

Even though this wasn't directed at me, I just had to debunk it lol.

Percy wins easy.

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@mipk90: LOL LOL Did you really say Harry will hide behind a tree? You're kidding, right? And you say Harry isn't a wimp. Here is one simple fact: STORMS DESTROY TREES

And Percy's quests involve humans and demigods, so he actually is familiar with how they work.

When Harry has a clear shot (which he never will) Percy will either block it, dodge it, or the spell will get absorbed into his indestructible hurricane. In books, Percy's personal hurricane could not be affected by weapons, obstacles, people, or anything else. Spells are no different. Especially from a just above average wizard. Harry can disarm and kill Percy? How is a wimp with no weapons except a puny wand is going to disarm a fully trained incredibly powerful demigod and kill him? LOL is Harry going to keep smacking him with a wand? If that happens, Riptide will return to Percy's pocket and he will slice Harry into a thousand pieces. It looks like you're running out of evidence. Hide behind a tree? What kind of a loser does that in a battle?

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Face--> Palm.

I'm sorry other people like me who enjoy Harry Potter, but Percy is just too out of Harry's league. I'm a fan of both series, but Harry just can't match Percy's feats. His most impressive feats are defeating the basalisk, defeating the dementors ( with the help of a time turner-which he does not have here), and defeating Voldemort literally on a technicality involving the owner of the elder wand. Percy fights immortal-level beings. Harry does not. That should be the end of the debate. Percy has held the sky by sheer force of will. Percy has wounded Ares, the god of battle. Percy has stalled Kronos, the lord of time. The list goes on and on. He's too much for Harry to defeat, even with his magic.