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Harry also was learning nonverbal and wandless magic. He could easily beat Percy.

#52 Posted by morgrim (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jnr6Lil: Sir have you been reading all the other poss Harry can not cope with water, earth wind and mystic sword. He is not fast enough strong enough or agile enough even without his wand he can only cast weak level spells like maybe stupify and again those would miss so please dont be ignorant this is percy's victory all the way.

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@morgrim: Now all you need is a avatar and you've earned my follow

#54 Posted by Carsonpratt (8 posts) - - Show Bio

you people make the assumption that Percy is weak without his sword, he is still an incredibly powerful demigod without it. and as stated before, the only thing really special about harry is the whole connection to voldemort crap. but Percy is actually special and talented, he's half god not a weak human. Percy's powerful enough to kill harry without weapons, so i honestly think Percy wins both. im not saying Harry gets completly obliverated, but he just doesn't win.

#55 Posted by Jnr6Lil (7705 posts) - - Show Bio

@Carsonpratt: Harry's a real talented wizard actually

@morgrim: Dodging spells isn't so easy. The Unforgivable Curses are one I'm sure you can't dodge.

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Hp fanboys make me PUKE

#57 Posted by morgrim (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jnr6Lil: You seem to be a harry potter fan yet you dont even know that all spells are dodgeable. In thebook series they dodged avada kedvra every other day so yea harry is dead

#58 Posted by thewatch (31 posts) - - Show Bio

Can harry defeat nico? Nico admits percy is the most powerful demigod...percy will simply dodge all harry's spells...percy controls water,shudnt he be able to control blood?

#59 Posted by Du_Sundavar_Freohr (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Percy without a doubt. He can create hurricanes, earthquake, fought the God of War, caused a volcano to erupt, exchanged multiple blows with Jason Grace in a matter of seconds, survived a lightning strike, the list goes on and on. What is Harry's best feat? Killing an old evil deformed fetus.

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As you can see, I am a Potterhead. I solely created this account to reply to this thread.

I have to admit, scenario two is an obviously Percy Jackson win.

No doubts. Mind you, I have read all five PJO books, and obviously all seven Harry Potter books.

Scenario one is Harry's. Yes, I know Percy's a demigod. Yes, I'm aware he has godly reflexes.

As one of the posters had said, Ares has cursed Percy's sword. As seen in Titan's Curse, it had become extremely heavy.

Harry could easily Accio his sword. And no matter how hard Percy's grip is, it'll yank out his hands. It's a SUMMONING spell for a reason.

I bet if you summon someone's underwear, it'll drag the person. It's a spell for a reason people!!

And to whomever said "Avada Kedavra is the most dodgeable spell", It's not. And Harry could yell, "Immobuls" to freeze Percy.

Harry's a GRYFFINDOR FOR A REASON, people. He's Brave. Bold. And Harry's intelligent, no matter how much you PJO fans read how Hermione's smart. He's smart in his own way.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Percy impulsive, and seems to act irrationally?

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Round One- Harry, since there isn't that much water in the store, Percy is at a disadvantage, he would be stuck to maybe using the water in bottles of water or pipes at the most, while Harry can fire multiple hexes at him.

Round Two- Percy without too much trouble, I mean just look at that lake below them. It says morals off, but even then, I don't know if Harry has it in him to use any Unforgivable Curses other than Imperio.

I stick by this answer.

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#63 Posted by The Stegman (24480 posts) - - Show Bio
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Actually, he limits himself. If he was angry, like in the Ootd, when he crucio'd Bellatrix, he'd do it. Even though he didn't do it fully, it was enough to make her fall over.

#65 Edited by The Stegman (24480 posts) - - Show Bio

@alohomoracloak: I don't think Harry is capable of doing the Cruciatus Curse or Avada Kedavra morals or no morals. Like you said, in Order of the Phoenix, he had his morals off for the most part as he was seeing red for Bellatrix killing Sirus and even then, after mustering all of that hate, the most he could do was knock her over. Never in the series has he been shown to use Cruciatus or Avada Kedavra proficiently.

#66 Edited by AlohomoraCloak (85 posts) - - Show Bio

True, true; you produce a good argument.

I can't argue with those two curses. Perhaps the third one? Imperius. Correct me if I'm wrong, as my memory's not fresh, but did Harry not use the Imperius curse at least one during the Battle of Hogwarts? Book wise, I mean.

If used correctly, Harry could easily control Percy.

#67 Posted by DefiantArachnid (31 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know, I think Percy would be drowning him and I'm not sure if he could fight the imperius curse because of his nightmares and other wise. But In the end Percy's physical condition and ability to dodge and block magic would be a gamechanger no?

#68 Posted by AlohomoraCloak (85 posts) - - Show Bio

The drowning can be possible. But Harry could cast Protego to protect himself.

Percy's physical condition part is true, seeing how Harry, stated many times, was thin. I don't think Quidditch can even bulk him up, compared to Percy, as Camp Half-Blood is literally a training base to train him.

#69 Edited by OpCharybdis (190 posts) - - Show Bio

That's sad if you think the Curse will find Harry as threatining enough it decides to activate (He isn't even close to Kronos level danger, where the sword actually didn't activate). Percy can kill Harry without his sword anyway. Not to mention that the Protego may block some attacks, but their is no way he can cast it fast enough to block water being controlled by Percy.

BTW, Harry resisted the Imperius Curse. Percy can no doubt do the same considering that he had the willpower to carry the weight of the Sky/Titan's Curse.

Edit: Okay, not sad (I was rude). But even so, the curse didn't activate during his fight agaisnt Kronos, who was >>>Harry. So I don't even think the curse is around now.

#70 Edited by AlohomoraCloak (85 posts) - - Show Bio

Charybdis, it's not sad. A bit rude if you ask me. SOME attacks? Protege


means guardian in Latin. It does not only protect, but whatever hits it, it'll

bounce back. And not some. All attacks. I do hope you read the books before typing this.

Yes, I'm sure PJO is able to block

attacks (mainly because he's a Gary Stu).

Harry. Not able to cast it? Please tellme your joking. Please. From all his vigorous Quidditch training, he's able

to have great aim, great reflexes, and great peripheral vision. Because he's a

Seeker. I shouldn't be telling you this, but just in case the Internet doesn't

give you enough info about Harry.

Thank you very much.

Also, for the sword thing, whilst Percy can control water, Harry has other spells. Firenze spells, Crucio, Immobulis. Just in case you don't know, Immobulus is the spell to immobilise, or paralyse someone. Frozen. Can't move a muscle. Also, Stupefy, etc.

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There's a reason nobody uses guns in the HP-verse.

In book 3 Lupin uses the spell Waddiwasi to fend off Peeves the Poltergeist, which causes a wad of gum to hit Peeves with, and I quote, 'the force of a bullet'.

Waddiwasi was a common prank spell during the Marauder's era, and only stings wizards.

Neville Longbottom was dropped on his head from two stories up and BOUNCED.

JK Rowling, when asked about this, winked and said there was a reason why nobody used guns in the HP-verse.

Considering punches hurt other wizards more than the force of a bullet, Harry's fist>bullet.

Harry has cast Crucio multiple times to great effect, same with Imperio. Morals off there's no reason to think he wouldn't AK Percy.

All the Protegos put together completely block kinetic motion.

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Glad I'm not the only Potterhead who hasn't given up on this debate.

#73 Posted by PartialSanity (433 posts) - - Show Bio

@thedarklordpandamonium: I just want to point out that the force of a punch could easily match or surpass the force of a bullet, especially with people that train to fight. Force equals mass times acceleration. Bullets have very little mass when compared to all the mass involved in a punch. Bullets are simply more effective because they impact a small area increasing the pressure and pierce the skin. It is not uncommon for people to not actually feel that they have been shot, that should give you an idea of how much force bullets exert on average.

I'm not really invested in any of these characters, I've only seen some of the Harry Potter movies - I saw the first Percy Jackson one too, not sure if there's another one out or not.... I just wanted to make that clarification.

#74 Posted by morgrim (1029 posts) - - Show Bio


First off I would like to clarify something

There are in fact 9 Percy Jackson books (10 if you count the Son of Sobek)

Secondly you mentioned Ares curse on Harry's sword. Just so you know it was a temporary one time thing that wore off immediately after and never happened again in the entire continuity of the series.

As for accio even if the sword does go to Harry youa re aware the weapon is enchanted right? It will just come back to Percy in a matter of minutes or seconds. Plus even without the sword Percy still has deadly offensive powers

Next Avada Kedvra is unimaginably dodgeable. If it wasn;t then how do you explain how millions of kids manage to avoid it in basically ever book in which a student fights a death eater, they simply duck just to the other side or throw something in front of themselves to take the attack for them

Also As for immoblus and every other spell that might not have a physical essence (like stupify has with the red jet of light) here is how they can be avoided. For a wizard to cast a spell they have to aim the spell doesn't fly out all willy nilly it hits what the wand is pointing at. The solution there fore is simple avoid the wand point. And for a demigod who dodges magic arrows and superfast Godly sword swipes the tip of a 17 year olds wand will be easy to avoid. plus Percy can just put up a water shield so every spell hits the shield instead of him.

Plus Harry is not remarkabley intelligent in anyway he is only battle smart and not even ingenuously so like Dumbeldore or Snape or Voldemort just above average.

And Harry is also implusive.. Percy rarely acts irrationally. Harry is more irrational than Percy.

Next thing While Percy has more than enough ways to avoid or block Harry's attacks. Harry has little or no way to avoid Percy's

First off Percy floods the area, Protego ain't gonna do anything about that, protego has never been shown to allow for one to breeze and survive underwater. Plus if it could (which it most certainly cannot) why did Harry not use it in the triwizard tournament in the second challenge.

Next Harry can only block so many attacks at once while Percy can launch a volley of offensive techniques at him.

How is Harry going to be stopping gale force winds, in addition to hydro pressure water blasts, while the earth is breaking and shaking all around him and a bronze sword is moving at faster than eye sight speed to cu8t him to pieces.

Plus Percy can also just use his mini tornado to blow Harry's wand out of his hand leaving him powerless easy

#75 Posted by AlohomoraCloak (85 posts) - - Show Bio


Perhaps if you had read my first post, you'd see I wrote, "I read the five books of Percy Jackson and the Olympians." I mean the first Percy Jackson series, not the one with Jason, Leo, and Piper. I read the first "Lost Hero" but never bothered to read the rest, because I was bored with the series. The humor was dry, and I didn't think it was as well written as PJO. But this isn't a book review.

I'm pretty sure when it's lost. If it's summoned by Harry, it's stolen, not lost. Also, let's say, (just saying, not saying the OP actually wrote this) Percy has no pockets. It can't return to him at all, which is a disadvantage.

I just researched Avada Kedavra, because I doubted your claim that Avada Kedavra is "dodgeable." One may dodge the green light, but it's unblockable. The only counterspell is a love sacrifice.

I don't know why you added Stuepfy about the red light. That part was extremely pointless. Anyways, for the intelligent part, that's what's rich. In the writing industry, too many main characters are intelligent. Harry's average, like you said. He does okay in other classes. He excels in DADA. If you don't know, you probably don't without combing the internet, DADA is "Defense Against the Dark Arts." He received an O in DADA, and he later became an Auror at the end of the book.

Oh! In fact, if we're talking about that, the OP did say Harry at the end of DH. Which means he's grown up. Unless the OP didn't mean that, Harry is an Auror. Which means, he endured intense, extreme training to block, and perfrom extremely fast, possibly undodgeable spells; Aurors, if you don't know, are highly trained wizards who catch potentialy, or dark wizards.

Also, Percy isn't intelligent at all either. He's average, as well. Harry is battle smart--are they not in a battle? Snape isn't intelligent, either, he's cunning and sly. Many people mix that up with intelligent. If Snape was intelligent, he'd be in Ravenclaw. There are other four houses, you know. I hope you do. Same with Voldie.

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There are a number of spells which you can't dodge...for example Accio, Langlock, or Levicorpus.

#77 Posted by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio


There's a reason nobody uses guns in the HP-verse.

In book 3 Lupin uses the spell Waddiwasi to fend off Peeves the Poltergeist, which causes a wad of gum to hit Peeves with, and I quote, 'the force of a bullet'.

Waddiwasi was a common prank spell during the Marauder's era, and only stings wizards.

Neville Longbottom was dropped on his head from two stories up and BOUNCED.

JK Rowling, when asked about this, winked and said there was a reason why nobody used guns in the HP-verse.

Considering punches hurt other wizards more than the force of a bullet, Harry's fist>bullet.

Haha not this again..

Only reason they don't use guns is because it'd end the book in part 1..

#78 Posted by Thedarklordpandamonium (4825 posts) - - Show Bio


I like how you claim wizards can be killed by guns even though in every interview this question has been brought up J.K. Rowling has said no

And when I've countered all of your points thus far

AND when we know for a FACT that wizards increase durability when they get magic from Neville

#79 Posted by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio


I like how you claim wizards can be killed by guns even though in every interview this question has been brought up J.K. Rowling has said no

And when I've countered all of your points thus far

AND when we know for a FACT that wizards increase durability when they get magic from Neville

Rowling said 'no'? how? by 'winking knowingly'?

And you didn't counter a thing. And we know later neville broke his wrist falling from second floor, like any normal person.

#80 Posted by _Cerberus_ (3448 posts) - - Show Bio

Percy loses due to his suckiness combined with his overratedness and hardcore fans which end up in him comitting suicide before that battle wins

TLDR, Harry stomps because he's better,has a better franchise, has a better cinema actor, has better books, has a better name and last but not least does not suck water sauce.

#81 Edited by Thedarklordpandamonium (4825 posts) - - Show Bio


And by saying 'it's not that easy'

I...got the last word in on every debate I can recall.

Iin the books he would have been near the top of the pitch given that he was flying for long enough for Madam Hooch to yell and people to talk amongst each other.

#82 Edited by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio


'It's not that easy'. But not 'its impossible'.

Well, if you're going to fight someone who can cast shields and stun you and go invisible with a gun, it's obviously not going to be easy. Doesn't mean you won't win if you manage to land the shot.

Then you don't recall enough :) And anyway,

What? top of pitch? on a training broom, without knowing how to accelerate properly? Nope. It was about twenty feet:

"Come back, boy!" she shouted, but Neville was rising straight up like a cork shot out of a bottle -- twelve feet -- twenty feet. Harry saw his scared white face look down at the ground falling away, saw him gasp, slip sideways off the broom and --

WHAM -- a thud and a nasty crack and Neville lay facedown on the grass in a heap. His broomstick was still rising higher and higher, and started to drift lazily toward the forbidden forest and out of sight. - Part 1.

Somewhere about two story, probably less. Try again.

Not to mention even harry'd have broken his neck from his first dive:

His heart sank faster than he'd just dived. Professor McGonagall was running toward them. He got to his feet, trembling.

"Never -- in all my time at Hogwarts --"

Professor McGonagall was almost speechless with shock, and her glasses flashed furiously, "-- how dare you -- might have broken your neck --"

"It wasn't his fault, Professor --"

"Be quiet, Miss Patil

"But Malfoy --"

Yeah.. try again. Harry is as much of a normal guy as we are physically, it's annoying when people try to make him sound inhuman.

#83 Edited by Thedarklordpandamonium (4825 posts) - - Show Bio


1) Ahh that's right his broomstick went high. My mistake.

2) So when your mother says you might break your neck riding a bike you would, even though nothing of the sort has ever happened?

I agree that Harry is human, but we know for a FACT that when young wizards come into their magic their durability goes off the charts.

Their bodies shield them from harm via magic as much is appropriate. Wizards get tired as well; broken bones are fine, but dying? No.

#84 Posted by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio


You know, the only reason we don't break our necks is careful driving. Crashes kill people regularly, you know that. Harry successfully pulled out of his dive, which a regular first year isn't supposed to do. (He's the youngest seeker in the century for God's sake :) ) That's why mc said that it might've broken his neck..

And the young wizards do manifest some magic, but doesn't mean it'll be there every time they are in danger. (I am NOT going to elaborate on prof dumbledore's sister :( But I guess you know the story..) What if the men had just shot her in the head?

Yes, magic tries to protect them from harm, but I just don't see it outright tanking bullets for them.. Much less a sniper or a machine gun.

#85 Posted by Thedarklordpandamonium (4825 posts) - - Show Bio


Dumbledore's sister got molested according to the first version of that interview on pottermore, but it was quickly changed because...well 8 year olds don't molest each other.

Fun fact.

All the books say is that they abused her really.

Also going purely by kinetic energy neville's feat is more impressive, will post calcs in the morning

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Magic wins since they can control everything

#87 Posted by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio


Dumbledore's sister got molested according to the first version of that interview on pottermore, but it was quickly changed because...well 8 year olds don't molest each other.

Fun fact.

All the books say is that they abused her really.

Also going purely by kinetic energy neville's feat is more impressive, will post calcs in the morning

Are you going to say neville's kinetic energy > bullets?

Don't bother: Nevilles kinetic energy was spread across his body, so less dangerous. Bullet however is focused. That's why getting shot needs more attention than falling from twenty feet.

#88 Posted by Thedarklordpandamonium (4825 posts) - - Show Bio


Yeah, I...said purely kinetic energy. Lol.

Neville bounced all the way down the drive...compare that to the driveway of the Malfoy's manor house (both same in status) I'll put calcs up in the morning but it's more than getting shot by an AK-47.

So that means his magic was able to expend more kinetic energy than it would have to to deflect bullets

#89 Posted by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio

@thedarklordpandamonium: If we use cushions, we can get up from the fall unhurt. But we can't defend against bullets using cushions (lol) Stopping from falling =/= or > stopping bullets.. It takes different kinds of expenditure..

So how about kinetic energy/unit area? If we are going to base things scientifically, we should use it completely, right?

#90 Posted by Thedarklordpandamonium (4825 posts) - - Show Bio


I realize that

Again, that's why I said PURELY kinetic energy, as in purely the total

Per unit area it'd be the bullet. But overall it takes more energy to do the bouncing.

#91 Edited by PrinceAragorn1 (17513 posts) - - Show Bio

@thedarklordpandamonium said:Let me help with the calcs:

(Revolver) mass of bullet: 20g, speed: 400 m/s. K.E.: 1/2 * (0.02) * 400 * 400 = 1600 J

Neville: Mass: 60 kg, speed: 10.95=11m/s (calc below) K.e.: 1/2 * (60) * 11 * 11 = roughly 3600 J.

Neville's speed: displacement: 20ft = 6.09 m = 6m. initial speed = 0. acceleration = 9.8 m/s = 10m/s

third equation of motion: v^2 = u^2 + 2*a*s

meaning v = sq. root of 2*10*6= sq. root 120 = approx. 11..

Anyway, it doesn't mean anything, as I said, it's far easier to stop something with KE. spread over an area, (And neville's area is way higher than a bullet). Bullet > cushion bounce. So stopping from falling does NOT carry over to stopping bullets.

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@alohomoracloak: Your post does nothing but emphasize your lack of knowledge on the subject.

The fact that you have not read ALL the books means that you are unaware of Percy's full potential and your claims come from a limited point of view

Secondly Avada Kedvra is quite dodgeble as you would know if you have ever read any of the books and seen the multiple characters dodge it. The spell can also be blocked by inanimate objects. I refer to Order of the phoenix in which Dumbeldore and Voldemort were engaged in a battle before the battle began Voldemort had fired Avada Kedvra at Harry the spell was blocked by the bronze statue animated by dumbeldore. This shows that hard inanimate objects such as Bronze can in fact block avada Kedvra. As such Percy's sword also made of Bronze and not even regular bronze but magically enhanced bronze would just like the statue be able to block AVada Kedvra.

The mentioning of Stupefy was important as it was evidence to show that most spells can be seen and avoided. While I do admit some spells cannot be seen, those two can be avoided as long as one knows where the wand point is aimed.

Your comment on the intelligence of the characters was utter rubbish and foolishness (pardon my language).

You make the claim that Snape and Voldemort were not "Intelligent" Because they were not in Ravenclaw and they were sly and cunning evidenced by their membership in House Slytherin. Well first off to counter that I must bring up Hermione. Hermione is presented as a borderline genius if not a full fledged genius who is at the top of the year group above all other students in terms of intellect even the many Ravenclaw students. But yet she is in Gryfindor. Does that mean by your logic she is not intelligent.

Snape was described as a prodigy mastering dark spells in his 1st year that even 6th years didn't know. And his mastery in potions was unrivaled even by the very author of the schools potions book. Yet he is unintelligent?

Voldemort was said to have a level of intellect rivalled only by Dumbeldore and yet he is not intelligent?

Simply because they were not in Ravenclaw?

My good sir your reasoning is flawed and invalid.

Furthermore common sense dictates that the Harry Being used is teenaged harry but even if it were not we have no feats with which to gauge Older Harry's abilities and we would be forced to use his teenage feats anyway.

Also So far all you have mentioned in your counter argument is that Harry is battle smart and that Avada Kedvra cannot be blocked (Which I have desproved as it can be blocked by inanimate objects as proven in the series)

You have yet to mention how Harry plans on counteracting tsunamis, gale force winds, as well as an onslaught from an individual that moves at speeds that even Gods have trouble keeping up with and is too fast for the untrained eye to register. You have yet to explain what Harry does when all his spells are either blocked or dodged. You have yet to explain how Harry can cope with Percy's Godly reflexes superhuman speed and strength as well as Hydro and Aero Kinesis. Not to mention the fact that Percy is significantly more Battle Hardened than Harry and skilled as well. Not to mention battle smart.

Percy has a million ways of disarming, distracting, and full out killing Harry while Harry has no way of even touching Percy or proving a threat. Your arguments so far have been shallow and irrelevant.

Percy wins easily

#94 Edited by AlohomoraCloak (85 posts) - - Show Bio

Let me clarify, first, that I am a woman, so you shall call me "ma'am." I may have been too eager to pounce on this debate, so I might've clicked "male" instead of "female."

Nevertheless, I'm a girl. Let's not make this mistake again.

I made the mistake. I am, by no means, claiming that Snape is not intelligent. He is intelligent in perhaps DADA and Potions, but his cunningness and slyness make have clouded your perception of "intelligence." Many Potterheads, do, in fact, mix that together.

Hermione is not in Ravenclaw because she does not value intelligence; if you remember, in both the movie and book, Philosopher Stone, she stated she values friendship and bravery over intelligence. The SH said Ravenclaws value intelligence above all, which, makes them 'Claws.

The fact that you are comparing a probable 150 yr old Professor/Headmaster, with years of battle, mistakes, and experience to a 17 year old boy is appalling and laughable. Would you compare your grandfather to your son in intelligence? Surely not!

Also, you implying that Percy is above average in intelligence is highly ignorance. He is the same, if not lower, as/than Harry in intellectual.

How would Percy create a tsunami? With water fountains, that Harry could easily block with Protego until Percy gets exhausted, (as shown in Lightning Thief, after the battle with Ares.) he can unleash his ultimate fury. Why don't you elaborate.o how Percy could disarm and block the spells, since there are "plenty of ways"?

I would say myself Harry is much more battle hardened. Not physically, seeing how JK Rowling wrote many times how skinny he is, (and no years of Quidditch can equal the amount of training Percy got), but he has much more experience. With being on the lookout all his life, going into hiding, learning spells from Hermione--not to mention skills--and learning from his mistakes. He has reflexes from being a Seeker, (JK Rowling stated that throughout all the Quidditch games, as well as in the final battle between Harry and Voldie). I cannot help but mention what @thedarklordpandamonium said about some spells being unblockable.

I will also mention again about how Ares said when he needed it most--cursing the sword. Surely defeating Harry Potter, and saving his own life, needing it the most? If there is a deeper reason to fighting, (say Harry threatened to harm Annabeth, or something) he'd need it the most.

Also, implying that I haven't read the Harry Potter books is APPALLING. The side I'm defending.

#95 Posted by morgrim (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

@alohomoracloak: Wow you seem to get appalled so easily.

About the debate on intelligence it is not relevant to the matter at hand so I am not going to bring it up again

As it relates to Percy/Harry's Battle hardness, skill and experience. You are being senile if you truly think Harry as more battle experience and has been more battle hardened than Percy. Harry for the majority of each book (save the final) has always been at school, for the majority of the time he is just finding stuff out investigating things before the climax of the book where due to astounding help from others he manages to defeat or run away from some individual. Heck he didn't even start dueling in life and death battles till the 4th book. Percy however from the first book had to kill a minotaur with no training with his bare hands. Take on a 2 Gods infiltrate and escape hell and find the ultimate weapon of a God. And from there things have only escalated. He fights monsters on a daily basis and Gods on a yearly one. He has kill Giants by the age of 13 when Harry still couldn't beat a troll. The fact that you dare say that Harry is more battle hardened than a boy who has been killing monsters and participating in multiple battles since he was 12 only goes to further demonstrate your lack of knowledge and blatant bias. Which is evidently clouding your judgement.

As for how he would create tsunamis. In round 2 it would be easy with an entire body of water around him. In round one he can call upon underground pipelines as he did in Son of Neptune.

Also you place too much faith in Protego. As any decent Potter fan would know. Protego can broken with moderate force. It is only used to block minor spells as well as weaken the effect of stronger ones. Though it can block physical. Enough force shatters it easily. And Percy has delivered blows strong enough to cut through giant bodies. Not to mention at age 12 he was capable of tearing the horns off a minotaur.

And in case you have not been reading the other comments I have made Percy has several ways in which he can react to Harry's spells

1) Simple dodging. Spells in Harry Potter have been dodged by children. And I mean children with regular teenage human speeds. Percy can move at speeds faster than the eye can see so dodging the spells would be childs play for him

2) Blocking with Riptide: As mentioned previously Avada Kedvra one of the most pwoerful offensive spells in the series was blocked by a bronze statue. Riptide is made of enchanted bronze and so if even more durable than regular bronze which was able to block the killing curse. As such Percy would be able to physical block most if not all offensive spells using the sword. And Percy's reflexes would be more than great enough o allow him to block them as he is used to cutting arrows down out of mid air.

3) Defensive water. As also mentioned previously. Spells impact the first object they come in contact with. As such if P:ercy has a wall of water protecting him he would be able to block most spells by letting them hit the water

In addition your comment about Percy getting exhausted is somewhat invalid. As since you only know Percy up to LAst Olympian you are unaware of the fact that his powers have grown as has his durability. Plus he can heal himself with water. There is actually a muich grater chance that Harry will get exhausted first as not only is he physically weaker but he has been shown to get tired after only minutes of dueling while Percy has been shown to take on Hordes of monsters without breaking a sweat.

Also about the curse. t is a FACT that the curse ended after Last Olympian and has not come up since.

I find it pitiful that your "Potterheadism" has caused you to be so bias in your arguments that you have yet to present meaningful Facts. I have presented an argument that shows how Percy is Physically superior to Harry . How he is able to counteract anything Harry could throw his way. I have also spelled out multiple avenues for victory for Percy and why it is impossible for Harry to win. Yet all you have done is rant and rave about How cool Harry is and how much of a "Potter fan" or "Potter head " you are. When you are ready to make a meaningful argument please reply and stop wasting my time with your shallow, narrow minded short winded rantings.

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What? I'm sorry, but Harry hasn't always been in school. Besides the first three books; even then, in the third book, he battled a swarm of Dementors singlehandly. In fact, Snape stated that only an extremely powerful wizard could've conjured that Patronus. Do you not remember?

You're making a quite an age difference. Percy was thirteen, whilst Harry was in his first few months in Hogwarts, with little knowledge of anything. He was eleven, in a pressured situation, when the Mountain troll cornered Hermione and him; the mountain troll had plucked him up from upside down. Harry managed to plunge his wand into the troll's nose, and with help from his friend, managed to get him unconscious.

Percy, however, had two years of experience (or a book or two. Are you referring to the Laistrygonians?).

I'm going to go back to your claim that all Harry has done was stay at school until the final book. Like any "decent Potter fan" would know, in the fourth book, he was transported to the Graveyard. In the fifth book, he escaped from Umbridge, onto Thestrals, to defeat Death Eaters. True, near the end, the Order of the Phoenix came to help. However, in the beginning of the battle, Harry managed to hold them off from the prophecy.

Percy fought gods yearly? The first book, he fought Ares. Alright. The second book, Percy also needed help from his mentor--Chiron and his Centaur cousins to defeat his enemy. Yet, you claim Harry needed help in all his battles? That's one of the whole morals and themes of the Harry Potter series. Friendship, sacrifice, and bravery. Ahem?

1. Please give me an example of children dodging spells. Thanks. And no, I don't mean to be rude or anything, because I do need examples from you.

2. @thedarklordpandamonium has mentioned that there are unblockable Harry Potter spells. I do wish I had my Potter books with me on my desk right now.

3. Thanks for that valid reason, then. Percy is able to block spells by water. Correct me if I'm wrong, however, but are spells not incredibly fast? Perhaps even faster than a bullet?

Harry has been shown to grow exhausted? Excuse me, but please propose some examples of that, as well? I can not remember for the life of me of Harry getting tired of dueling. Sure, perhaps his arm might grow tired when he flicks angrily at spells. If you're referring to movies when Daniel Radclife had sweat on his face, that's probably because in the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry was running and dodging as he continued casting jinxes, hexes, and curses. The fact that you're claiming that because you are sweating concludes you are exhausted is invalid.

Did you simply skim over my comment? I did admit that Harry Potter is physically weaker than Percy! I said that Harry has been proven to being skinny, (from Book One, second chapter, to book seven. Perhaps his weight probably gained when he became and Auror.) Do you want me to produce quotes from the books, and JK Rowling herself for you to stop repeating what I said?

I have never once said a thing about Harry being cool. I have, however, clarified I was a Harry Potter fan in my first comment so you all can see what side I was defending, and repeating so you would get it through your head that I read all seven books--the fact that you implied that I haven't read all is offensive. Insulting me is also offensive. Proves that you cannot be calm during a simple argument/debate without insulting your opponent.

Another skill Harry has is that he can Apparate. He has skilled this in the seventh book, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione have done this more than once during hiding. Ron has also done it. However, he has splinched himself.

Though the OP said no outisde weapons, (not sure if this counts or not) but Harry can also Accio his Invisbiltiy Cloak. To extend this and be fair, however, Percy could've had Annabeth's Yankees Cap.

Harry also has "Confundus" against Percy. This may also be unblockable, seeing how it has no light, nor sound. May I also mention the Conjuntivius curse, to blind the opponent's eyes?

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I have read through all the arguments in order to get a full understanding before I posted. Now let us first before we do anymore arguing list cold hard FACTS. First off let us analyze the skills and physical attributes of both combatants.

1} Speed/Reflexes: Harry is about age 17/18 in this fight. There has been no evidence in both the movie and the book to stipulate that he is able to move faster than another person his age. At the most we can say that Harry has the speed of a very athletic and sportsy young adult with the reflexes to match. However his speed and reflexes would then therefore still reside in the realm of basic humans. He in does not have many outstanding speed/reflex feats and has in fact been tagged by average things such as people leaping on him or throwing things at him. Percy is the same age in this fight. However there has been significant evidence in both book {and movie to an extent} that demonstrates his about human speed and reflexes. He has been shown out running various demon animals who on a whole are faster than humans. And his reflexes have proven sufficient enough to block bullets and engage in close combats Gods and Titans who posses super human speed and reflexes and move as stated in Book 5 faster than the eye can follow. His feats have shown him dodging and blocking arrows and as such we can conclude that Percy is faster and has greater reflexes.

2} Strenght; This is much easier to deduce, as Harry does in fact have human strength while Percy has been seen to possess above average strength such as in book 1 when he tore off the horn of a minatour and killed it with his bare hands. As such Percy is also Stronger.

3} Combat Skill: Anyone who has read Harry Potter will know that Harry's best subject is defense against the dark arts. Though he has been given many abismmal teachers he does posses decent combat skills. Now I would put in him defeating the basilisk and troll however those were not feats he accomplished on his own. It is evident though that Harry has a good deal of combat skill. However Percy in both feats and by logic would have more combat skills because he has in fact been in life and death situations with not only a greater quantity of monsters but also greater quality. The most difficult creature Harry had to kill was the basilisk and even the dragon he had to avoid it. Percy on the other hand kills Drakons {according to the book older and more powerful dragons} giants and demi gods on a regular basis. Plus while both were schooled in combat. Harry's combat was not as extensive as Percy's and he learnt mainly how to fight at mid range through projectiles. Percy however specializes in close combat and he also due to his powers is effective in mid and long range combat. And can nuetralize mid and long range attacks. In terms of skill I would have to give it to Percy.

4} Experience; As mentioned before whereas Harry fights at a maximum 7 life and death creatures per book starting from book 4 {however the number goes down sometimes like in Half blood prince}. From book 1 Percy has been fighting hordes of monsters and demons so as a result he has more combat experience.

5} Durability; /Endurance: Harry has human durability and can be cut and wounded easily. While Percy also can be cut and wounded like a human, he has high resistance to various elements such as fire and lightening. he has been able to survive being stuck by lightening twice as well as being bathed in lava. He has endured being riddled with wounds and yet still went on to almost kill a cyclops {stopping because he chose not to} and his healing factor adds to his endurance and power as such he also has greater durability and endurance.

6} Power quantity; This goes to Harry as he does have a wider variety of attacks to use.

7} Power quality; Hands down Percy. For while harry can cast a wide variety of spells they are not all for combat and they do not have a great deal of destructive power. Even the reducto spell at most has been seen blowing a statue or wall. While Percy has been able to blow the top off volcanoes skin battle ships, Generate tsunamis and miniature typhoons.

8} Battle Intellect; I would put them equal in this category as they both have great ingenuity

9} Field of effect/Accuracy; This is quite a decisive factor. For while Harry does have a wide arsenal the field of effect of his spells are quite limited. For one the direction of a spell is based on where the wand is pointing. Secondly the radius of an spell is usually about as wide as a ball with the exception of Sectumsempra, making spells as seen in the book quite avoidable and they also affect the first thing they come in contact with, so if Avada Kedvra or Sectum Sempra is fired at someone and some fairly solid comes in the way the person will be unaffected. Percy's attacks on the other hand cover a very wide area, often as large as the body of a boat or ship and even if they hit something the attack overwhelms and keeps going. Thus Percy wins in this category

Now let us decide a winner. Percy is Faster/Reflexes, Stronger, more skilled and experienced with stronger powers and greater effect and accuracy than Harry.

If we were to look at these alone it would be hands down Percy. However lets contemplate certain spells like Petrificus totalus and Sectumsempra. Sectumsempra is said to basically be an invisible sword slash and PT is also "invisible". However here are the problems with those attacks.

1} Even if you can't see the attack itself one can easily judge the trajectory of the attack by the position of the wand tip. And Percy has been shown to dodge attacks just from seeing the shift of an opponents shoulder blade.

2} Sectumsmpra can be blocked by objectal interferance. So if Percy's sword is in from of him SS will be countered

3} Also even if Sectumsempra hit, based on Percy's durability and endurance it wouldn't have much effect on him as he has been slashed by swords multiple times mid fight. In addition he can heal from the wound easily and afterwards he would justdodge and block it.

4} If Petrificus Totalus hit keep in mind that the majority of Percy's powers are mind based so he could still drown Harry or use the water to protect himself.

In addition one prevailing factor must be noted in this fight and that is the fact that Harry is dependant upon his wand. A weapon that has been removed from his possesion often times by it slipping out of him hand, him falling, or being hit with too much force. Percy has the power to generate gusts of wind and water great enough to out the light of the Titan hyperion as such it is highly unlikely that Harry could hold onto his wand against gale force wins directed at his hands. And he has never demonstrated the power to control the wind on a large enough scale to stop such an attack.

In conclusion after looking at all the facts it is evident that in the vast majority of fields Percy either surpasses or equals Harry. Percy is capable of avoiding Harry's spells as it is factual that human level individuals have a voided them by dodging and Percy is beyond human. Those spells he doesn't dodge can be blocked by celestial bronze as it is also factual and evidenced that regular bronze can block one of the most powerful spells in existence, and as such celestial bronze would be able to as well. Also the very weapon Harry uses for casting spells would be in jeopardy of being removed from play as the very wind itself would be against Harry.

As such there is no way Harry could win this fight. Based on facts and logic this fight is Percy Jacksons complete and utter victory

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Reading that comment, and the fact that you haven't managed to insult me was very good. The facts were nice. However, I haven't seen a reply about the Apparating. Harry can Apparate. He can Apparate to avoid drowning. (say, an empty part of Walamrt, depending on how large Walmart is. Over here, in my town, Walmart is quite large.)

Harry also, and shall I repeat this, cast the Confundus charm. Like another poster had said, Harry has been practicing nonverbal and wandless magic.

For fire resistance, can you provide a link or an example from where he resisted to fire? Or are you referring to the Battle of the Labyrinth?

Harry had no help, whatsoever, from defeating the Basilisk. If you are referring to the SH and Fawkes, then that's just... wow. That's little to no help. If you're suggesting to Fawkes blinding the Basilisk, Harry, I believe, still could've defeated the Basilisk. Did Fawkes peck the Basilisk throat? I don't think so. Harry himself defeated the Basilisk at age twelve. While yes, tearing a minotaur horn is much more "stronger" in your eyes, Harry and Percy were still the same age when defeating something larger and more powerful than them.

A thought just occured. With Voldemort's soul in him, do you think Harry would still have a chance? Meh, can't blame me for thinking.

Anyways, at this time, I didn't say a thing about Sectrumsempra. But yes, sure, that won't kill/defeat Percy, but wouldn't it slow him down? Engorgio to a random walmart product + Impervius. How about that? Would that not stop Percy?

And can you repeat what you said about Protego not being efficent? Percy has proven to get exhausted. Most demigods, who have ablities to control many great things, etc, grow tired and weaker. I still do not see why Harry can not stupefy Percy and/or Obliviate him once Percy's weak. Harry also knows what Percy's capable of. Would Harry not, (say they get a week or a day of prep) train to avoid water?

And a thing. Legilimency. I know Harry has not mastered it, ((probably has when he's an Auror.)) but like an earlier poster said, Percy might've been weak to Imperio, due to the nightmares. If Harry HAD master it, ((I know you probably hate the, "what if?" game)) Percy would be quite weak due to the demigod nightmares.

Harry could also cast "Nox". All the lights in Walmart would be off. Say if Percy tries to purposely target Harry with water, and not flood the beloved Walamrt; he wouldn't be able to find Harry as Harry quietly prowls off. And morals on for both. I don't think Percy would be able to kill Harry, vice versa. So Avada Kedavra is removed, and drowning Harry/creating an earthquake to kill him/etc is off.

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Round one Harry Stupefys Percy.

Round two Harry uses Crucio to tormet Percy, then Avada Kedavras him.

No contest.