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Battle takes place at the beach. Both are blood lusted with no morals.

Percy gets a can of nectar, riptide, tyson's shield and the winged shoes {they work well now}

Ben can use all his aliens up to alien force except anything that phases, echo echo, and alien X

However he does not get master control and the omnitrix will still time out { The time out works as it did in Ultimate alien, After about5 switches in aliens and half an hour of consistent fighting it will time out}

All aliens who have ultimate forms can use them.

Please use logic and reasoning in your response

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Chromastone is all that will be needed, Ben stomps, even if Chromastone wasn't enough Ben's ability to rapidly switch between the aliens mixing up their powers for the best effect would overwhelm Percy.

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@Redmonkeyssj4: Keep in mind switching aliens wouldnt keep percy from just chopping off their head and if he kills one he kills all. Plus what do you mean by chromastone being all he needs? Percy can cut through him with the sword.

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@Redmonkeyssj4: Dont even bother, He created this battle intentionally for ben to lose.

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@hudyman: No I didnt but since you are going to start whinning let me change the OP to make it more even so that both characters are in their regular standard conditions.

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I'm pretty sure this has been done before...

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@OmgOmgWtfWtf: Yeah but differently it was about young ben this isolder ben with a different powerset and rules

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The alien defies the greek god! no seriously ben has more power on his watch than percy's weapons. if blood lusted, there's no stopping ben from using eon, or even go way big on him

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@eatmore_payless: I don't know about Eon but he could take Way Big, he has fought two giants before

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@joewell said:

@eatmore_payless: I don't know about Eon but he could take Way Big, he has fought two giants before

those giant doesn't have ultraman dyna like powers. IIRC those giants only use medieval weapons and brute force while way big, has cosmic beams coming out of his forearms

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Ben has a lot more going for him in this fight considering nearly all of his aliens are physically superior to percy ( just speculation but i could definitely be wrong). Additionally he also commands a higher variety of powers. also has nearly as much experience fighting ( even though they are much different fighters).

im going with ben

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@Hyperlight: @eatmore_payless: Its only up to alien force so eon isnt included because that wouldbe over kill.Also even though some ofhis aliens in terms ofbrute strength a\and raw speed are better than percy, its the same thing when percy goes up against giants and titans and stuff. almost all his opponents are stronger but its not a contest of strength its a fight and one sword strike to the head and ben would die. so unlike when ben is fighting mediocre villians who just punch and kick he would have to be on gaurd and I cant think of any aliens in his alien force arsenal that would give him the win