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The Hulk Can. He's stronger Considering his strength is limitless.

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Seems as if the OP is leaning towards individuals who could take sups more in H2H, hence the Doomsday reference. With that being said, I could see characters such as a amped up Juggernaut, say 8th day for example, the Destroyer, a non jobbing Darkseid being able to do with the individuals mentioned serving as the minimum needed to bring him down by physical means.

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A very very long list.

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herald level and above

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Well...Starbreaker could kill him..

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That would be like asking how many people Batman can beat but saying he gets no gear and no knowledge of them first.

Off the top of my head: In just beating him to death with raw force.

Mr. Majestic, especially if he has the Creation engine blades.

Darkseid if he takes it serious.

A pissed off Black Bolt, might not kill him but should knock him out.

Now if you add in reality manipulators, matter manipulators, high end energy manipulators and such and the list gets much bigger.

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Let's get something straight: Captain Marvel is weaker, Supreme is weaker, Sodom yat, though close, is weaker, Mr. Majestic is weaker, Martian Manhunter is weaker, Pulsar is weaker, storm is weaker, captain atom is weaker, silver surfer is weaker, lobo is weaker, all green lanterns are weaker, wonderwoman is weaker, ms. marvel is weaker, gladiator is weaker, Icon is weaker, thor is weaker,etc. Supes has defeated Thor, captain Marvel, Mr. majestic, Wonderwoman, and lobo. Gladiator has been defeated by Thor, so he's out. Supes was barely taken out by a combined effort of ms. marvel, iron man, wonderman, and jack of hearts-after he put thor to sleep. Acceptable answers: Mr. Mxyzptlk, Spectre, living tribunal, bat-mite, kal kent (only if he fights our superman, not his time's superman), amazo, etc.

To the underlined NO, they aren't. Captain Marvel is also only weaker when another member of the Marvel family is powered up ( he has been shown to be Superman's match in strength perfectly several times including a arm wrestle that they couldn't budge each other. As soon as Mary and Freddy powered up Superman could move him.

Supes has lost to Lobo three times and only beaten him when he was off his face Drunk.

Also if your going by that argument Supes has lost to WW a few times and two of them were a bloodlusted Supes

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@imthedamnbatman said:

I'm talking physically make him die, punching him to death.

If Superman wants to get into a slugfest with the Trion or 8th Day Juggernaut...

I'll also go with Tenebrous or Aegis, they are Galactus level beings that like to throw down, Tenebrous did punch a planet apart, I don't think Superman could stand very long against Big T.

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@russellmania77 said:

@fourthdeity said:


With a ki blast, probably, with his fists, I dunno, unless you wanna use Battle of Gods Goku exclusively, he did punch apart King Kai's planet, but I don't think Goku, at least without being amped to Super Saiyan God--which is basically the energy of all living saiyans, has the durability to stand to superman in a fist fight.

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My vote goes to R'E'L Arella Kent Superman and Supergirls daughter (Precrisis Superman and Linda Danvers daughter) She is strong enough.. can time travel etc.. and I do not see Superman EVER fighting his daughter

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Batman with prep.

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@alcoholbob: I think at super Saiyan Goku can punch it out with superman considering Goku punched a hole through king kai's planet which is 10x gravity.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1Z0hxLE5iM 28:30 causing someone who was atleast stronger than Freeza in one hit.

Besides it's not as if Goku punched an enemy who survived a planet exploding in his face with low ki with basically no damage from the explosion itself, so hard that the enemy started coughing up blood.

Evidence Goku putting all his power in one punch:

So,theoretically,Goku can produce as much striking power as his ki blasts but only ever used it in the video and as a kid in the manga.Atleast,the really strong strikes are only present.

Otherwise,Goku would be throwing punches as strong as his ki blasts.Just depends on how much energy he puts into his punch.

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  • Superboy Prime
  • Mr.Majestic
  • KC Superman
  • Silver Surfer
  • Cyborg Superman
  • Despero
  • Thanos
  • Darkseid
  • Starbrand
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superman would beat captain marvel.

They have been shown to be equal several times. I think it is fair to say that base superman and Captain Marvel are pretty much equal. This is a COULD beat superman battle

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W/ magic enhanced fist, cap has it

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A bloodlusted Captain Marvel. Black Adam. and maybe Doctor Doom.

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saint of killers

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In a straight out fist fight I said Maybe

1.World War Hulk



4. Flash

5.Popeye 10/10

Manymore I'm too lazy to list

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I'm seeing a lot of Darkseid on peoples' lists. Am I misremembering or did Doomsday make him his bitch with one hand? If so, Darkseid doesn't really compute does it?

Also, a shout-out to my guy (whom I don't think can be beaten by anyone) Juggernaut!

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What about Goku??

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Wow, umm... From DC only? Darkseid, Shazam, Black Adam, Parallax, Captain Atom probably, Wonder Woman (with her magical artifacts), Flash...

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@comikid said:

What about Goku??

Most obvious troll of the day.

It's generally understood, the most Goku could do to Superman is wipe doodoo from his anus. Other than this, he's rather useless.

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  • Thor
  • Silver Surfer
  • Captain Marvel
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Amazo
  • Possibly Hulk
  • Dr Stange
  • Dr Fate
  • Void
  • Red Hulk
  • Odin

List goes on and on.

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Someone needs to kill superman indefinitly(sorry to the fanboys) I just can't stand how superman comes back every time after being curbstomped the shit out of. I mean when it's someone like batman but superman...please

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Lucifer morningstar,


imperiex prime,

gurren lagan,


silver surfer,

kid buu,


saint seiya,

Rune king thor,

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@shadow2483: Swearing and cursing are not allowed on the CV forums. You go on one more profanity-riddled rant like that, and you're gone.

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ghost rider full throttle zarathos version,lobo can probably coz he beatup superman pretty bad in some issues,some kryptonian like zod or faora,from dc i think ares ,darkseid and there are other people

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Captain marvel

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Classic Lobo

Hulk could if Supes was nerfed on the Flight and other abilities

Metallo but mostly due to his chest power source being kryptonite.

Mongul..again if Supes was nerfed or fought like a dumbass.

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Ghost Rider

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@imthedamnbatman: Black Adam, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (all versions), Popeye, Captain MArvel.... I could go on for a long time.

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Mr Majestic

Martian Man Hunter


Blue Marvel


King Hyperion

Warrior Madness Thor







Supreme (Lifield)

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Hulk Smash!. Hulk Got really angry at the poor Bear.

^^^^ This guy

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captain atom


shuma gorath

mr majestic



cyborg superman

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Misogi Kumagawa from Medaka Box. He can't win in a physical fight since he has zero resistance and strength but he can make it so Supes never existed in the first place.

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All Too Easy.

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Martian Manhunter


Hal Jordan

Kyle Rayner

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alan scott

cw zeus

cw hercules


dr strangefate

rune king thor

amalgam brothers

sa dr fate

silver surfer