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Can use feats from Novels and Miniseries

10 days prep

BFR is allowed

Morals off (Lol what morals)

Location is on the Deathstar


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@slacker the hacker: Err...I'm going with Flagg for now. Seems more powerful overall to me, though I never read the novel 'It', so I could be missing some feats there...

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I will say I win

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@troller said:

I will say I win

lol your avatar pic is kinda creepy looking. I use to think pennywise was satan. thats why i'm going with him.

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Pennywise is not Satan, he is not

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Pennywise no contest

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Pennywise is a multiversal threat. Flagg some pawn for the devil. IT consumes him with the deadlights

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Pennywise he has the clown factor and clowns are the spawn of the devil.