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PENGUIN (flame thrower) (sword) (machine gun) (Tear gas) (Helicopter) Umbrellas _ KINGPIN Diamond Head Laser Cane

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I'm gonna give this to Kingpin, even with all the weaponry that Penguin has at his disposal it'll just slow the Kingpin down.

Tear gas could do it if the Penguin can sneak in his machine gun or flamethrower that is but a laser from the big guy? It'll cut all of the little man's arsenal to pieces.

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Penguin is very agile for his size, and knows JUDO

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Not the movie Penguin. You're thinking of his animated self in "THE Batman". Kingpin is actually a trained fighter.

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Kingpin stomps.

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foolish mistake on my part

how much of penguins chance increase if it was from the modern era comics

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or silver age

and we can have kingpin from 70's 80's 90's above