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Ok, lol so some may find this match kind of ironic being as how Bale has played Bateman then "Batman" haha talk about polar opposites...

But, we've all seen Batman vs. Joker to death already so...


This one has Bale as his most psychotic vs. Ledger's joker.

3 different fights:

Fight's takes place in and outside Luigi's Mansion


First Fight-

-Random Encounter, no prep

-Bateman just has an Axe, and a pistol with 5 shots

-Joker has 8 knives, a slingshot that explodes on impact and a pistol with one bullet

-Fight to the death, who wins?

Second Fight-

-Both have 6 hours of prep

-Bateman will bring an Axe, two pistols and a huge Michael Myer's knife as well as anything else smart wise from movie feats

-Bateman has his money to use here as well(remember he is a rich wall street guy ;) ) lol

-Joker has 10 knives, one magnum and whatever smarts he has from the movies

-Fight to the death, who wins?

Third Fight-

-1 hour prep

-Fight up close in H2H style or Weapon to Weapon

-Bateman has an axe, raincoat and one big knife

-Joker has a lead pipe, 2 knives in his pockets

-Who wins? Fight to the death!!

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I take it not many people watched American Psycho? lol

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lol you mean bateman? :P

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Anyone else?

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Joker, rather easily.

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Joker gives Bateman "his card" and strikes awe and appreciation into the psycho.

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I don't see how Joker wins every round easily...the prep I can see since he gives Batman a hard time but, up close, random encounter? Bateman has the warped mind like Joker and money, which gives him an edge in some rounds.

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Joker because it is very likely that Patrick Bateman never killed a SINGLE person and that he imagined the whole plot of American Psycho... There is no doubt TDK Joker is a real murderer.

We have no evidence of Bateman being good at hand to hand... he never faced anyone like a man. Joker on the other hand, actually does real fighting.

TDK Joker is also way more devious than Bateman, daring to screw around with the mayor, the city's entire police force, and a masked vigilante. Bateman is barely able to keep a few hookers inside his house and gets hell scared at the first sight of a policeman (and again... that is if he didn't just imagine everything)...

Joker stomps

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Bateman self BFRs because he needs to return some videotapes.

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The Joker.