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Hey Vine Believers, Ace Thunder here I’m not that new exactly but I guess I am when it comes to posts. I’m an inspiring writer and I’m looking test the waters on here. I can barely draw a card playing Uno but I Photoshop with a black MasterCard. I mean is, though I’ve been told I write descriptive all the same I would to prefer some visual aid. Anyhow I posted a particular battle pitting the Punisher against Superman and I got locked before I could even set the scenario. Which fell along the same lines of a Batman Vs Green Goblin battle I posted as well. You see the reason I rather post here instead of fan fiction is I assumed there would be some creative response not just angry, butthurt fanboy flaming.

Instead of just putting “Superman Stomps” and trolling the thread to point of spontaneous combustion it would have been nice to get to give a bit of a back story. And it just so happen to be an Amalgam arc. I even opened a Deviant account and reached out to Eric Guzman because some his Amalgams are in this battle. Though I got ahead of that and posted my full potential cast of people and places to show I’m not just ripping his stuff plus to perhaps inspire him even to make more.

I called this post Panelmania cause yeah I’m a wrestling fan so allow me to lay out a nice card of crossover and or unique company wise all out battles with somewhat of a nice back story. Also if you guys don’t (troll) mind even my opinions on outcomes. Some cases multiple results…..

That’s what makes it fun in this forum.

“Tonight in this very forum we will have:”

The Reign Of Super-Man (Bill Dunn) Vs Original Human Torch (Jim Hammond)

Matt Murdock Vs Johnnie Cochoran (Defending The Kingpin in a RICO trial)

In Divas Action, Aunt May Vs Aunt Harriett - Back in a 1950’s high school bathroom brawl

(Yet somehow it still winds up on WorldStar!!!)

Darkwing Duck and The Masked Mallard Vs Shere Khan and Negaduck

Fatal Four Way Match: SuperBoy-Prime Vs Black Adam Vs Magneto Vs The Plutonian

Okay now for it’s time for “Amalgam Is Battle” (10pm Monday nights, on Syfy not USA.) Here are the fights that are along the back story of crossover pre crisis. Therefore expanding the What If and DC Multiverse I call “Countdown To Crisis On Infinite Amalgamated Earths” Only in the story on this Earth is DC and Marvel start out together and then only the people split apart not the world they’re and the history of it. I told Eric how even the White House has two presidents in one Oval Office. This first fights are before the split to eventually posting the Punisher Vs Superman fight I got screwed (trolled, flamed and locked out of my own thread. Lol really guys it’s only a damn comic book.) out of getting to lay out.

First here’s my cast:

Death Bat – Frank Wayne. Parents and little brother Thomas Jr shot dead in a crossfire at an outdoor play of Zorro in then later dubbed “Crime Park” in a mob hit intended for a rival who only stood near the Wayne’s because Martha had a nice set of “pearls”.

Aunt Harriett Reilly – Watches Uncle Ben die of a heart attack when the Grayson’s are killed.

Lois Jane Watson – “Smallville, You hit the jackpot.”

Gwen Gordon – The original Azreal, The Angel Of Death crippled from the neck down, faking her death to even her disgraced bumped down former Police Commissioner, Captain George Gordon. Who all the same posthumously disowned her. Remerging as the all seeing, Sister Eye. The new Azreal, taking her would be mantle Joyce Paul –Valley. (Gwen’s clone and Batman’s repla….you get it.)

George Gordon – See Gwen Gordon (’s empty casket. Hey I’m talking to you Jim, oops I mean George. Wtf?)

Spider-Bat “The Wall Crawling Wonder” - Member of the Grayson Circus family and bullied like shit for it. “Circus boy” Peter Grayson was too frail to perform and of course more in to science until (I swear once I get started this stuff writes itself.) he gets bit. Does high wire acts in a mask to so his own folks wouldn’t recognize him. Gets cocky and lets out feeling like the geeky black sheep and allows some Mob guy who was trying shakedown the circus. Who plants a car bomb right in the parking lot. His Uncle Ben and Aunt Harriett saw the blast but Peter and Frank Wayne still felt the boom.

Super American – Alien baby found in buried within the Arctic snow in a space capsule.

Wilson Alexander – Also known in the underworld by the alias “Lex The Kingpin” Owner of the building Superman Lois And Lex are killed in.

The Russian Bane – Conceived during the Santa Prisca Missile Crisis by a KGB operative and a native woman. The father was executed after the eventual revolution leaving Mother to bear child in the bowels of a primitive penal hell. For the Mother’s crime of treason, the child was to serve a life sentence for being born an enemy bastard. That is until a friend with Mob connections helps him free himself and later the inmates on Arkham Island that the Death Bat didn’t kill.

The Green Hood – Norman Napier, small time crook and inspiring chemist hired to goons to help him break into chemical plant under the guise of often used Suicide from TNA. Oops I meant Red Hood.

Mr E. Riddle – FX specialist who over thought production (like me) left him broke from low employability He went on heists that were well planned, used riddles and then even more well fucking planned. Damn near like a movie script.

Linus Fox – Amalgam of David Linus "Microchip" Lieberman and Lucius Fox. Help him run Wayne Enterprises and also keep out cyber sabotage as well as supply and develop weapons that weren’t just state of the art but deadly to the level of war atrocities. Even rewire money from criminals and bank execs Death-Bat murders. Making him secretly times richer than his Billionaire status as Frank Wayne.

Vicki Brant – Gotham Bugle photographer who helps Spider-Bat sell pictures to J. Perry Jameson. Because he despised him to such a degree he’d only buy pictures from a hot blonde who was a former Bond girl.

Manhapolis - Amalgamation of both geographically similar islands.

Gotham York – Another geographical fit if you consider the just the eastern boroughs of NYC with any Google image search of Gotham City. Shit, check a NYC Subway map only thing missing is a “G” for Gotham subway train running crosstown from North to South. Even the bridges and tunnels line up Eric. In fact here’s just one more.

George Washington Narrows Bridge – Scene of the Death-Bat issue “The Night A Joke Was Killing Gwen Gordon.”

With that out further delay please enjoy:

“Countdown To Amalgamated Earths”

In 1996, DC and Marvel Comics the two premier companies of their industry would embark on an unreal company-wide crossover. Pitting the respective franchise characters against each other in battle. The two universes would eventually merge, so completely that from present day to the very creation of both comic publications their histories were fused. Well on a parallel Earth where both Marvel and DC exist yet particular events take occur (conveniently) at different times. In fact on this Earth the crossover would take place in 1983 to later that year form Amalgam Comics. Further cluttering the DC Multiverse with the infusion of the “What If” Multiverse. The repercussions would lead to, if not require the 1985 arc “Crisis On Infinite Amalgamated Earths”. Similar to our comics, it resulted with a New Amalgam Earth. Though from 1983 to 1985 the shared Multiverse would produce some compelling comics. The following is focused around an Earth only combined geographically as of 1983.

With that said here are Amalgamated battles:

Spider-Bat Vs Electro Zeus

Sister Eye Vs The Green Hood

Super American Vs Wilson Alexander, Alias “Lex The Kingpin”

Death Bat Vs The Russian Bane

*********************************Post Population Split******************************

Spider-Man And Superman Vs Riddler Mysterio And Joker

Batman Vs The Green Goblin

And In The Main Event:

Punisher Vs Superman

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But props for making an incredibly unique thread.

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@texasdeathmatch said:

"But props......"

Ok, now I'm confused. So why exactly is your head emoticonly blowing up Buddy?

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@ace_thunder: haha your OP is pretty intense with content and fan fiction. It's impressive, just a lot to take in.

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@texasdeathmatch Hey buddy thanks Im only at 22 posts now other wise I would have responded sooner. If you remember about two years ago before I was locked out of my account for speaking blasphemy by pitting Superman vs Punisher you commented on my Photoshop in this post:


Once again your the only one giving feedback. Thanks and actually I'm gonna make these separate threads for the less attention span inclined. Seeing how there's 13 battles not 12.

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Will get back with a proper reply later.

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Hey @texasdeathmatch & @Chaos_Prime once again guys thanks for the feedback.

In fact Chaos because I was only on my 22nd post I had to put all 13 battles in one thread. And since nobody is a fanboy of "Panelmania" no one is reading or commenting besides you two wonderful souls. But now I'm on point so each battle has it's own thread so for you it might make it easier to wrap your head around all this. Just go up to see the links with the prep for the 7 amalgamated Earth battles along with the cast of my own versions of merged DC and Marvel metahumans.

So when you get a chance please check it out and enjoy.

Thanks again guys.

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