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fight takes place in ozymanias antartic lair 
both bloodlusted who wins ?
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ozymandias beats him up.
hes one of the most underrated n*ggas on this forum

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i agree that he's extremely underrated
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he is not underrated he knows martial arts but beat people on a set of low level fighters, rorschach knows boxing and uses gymnastics for agility and niteowl has no extensive martial arts backround, ozymandias got beaten by a younger comedian and which he still knew martial arts... i mean and people who use oh yeah he beat round rorschach and nite owl and a comedian he caught off guard that don't stand with me. i have got the watchmen novel and infact a very avid fan of watchmen but he is not supposed to be used in battle forums. the only one remotely powerful is dr manhattan also the old bullet catching trick aswell i mean it is a feat but i mean i was watching stan lees superhumans there was a guy who used a katana to cut a bb gun pellet in half so really the whole bullet catching feat is iffy and do not believe what you read in before the watchmen that is not canon i would consider them a reimagining of the whole series in all honesty basically all watchmen characters excluding doc m are low street levelers who really shouldn't be compared agains't people who fight tougher all the time.

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Good battle

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Jason should win this. Ozymandias went up against a two low level fighters in his lair. Nite-Owl was out of shape and Rorschach is a pretty basic fighter. When he was younger the Comedian was evenly matched with Ozy and he beat him by using dirty tactics. Jason is just as likely to fight dirty against an opponent and at the best of his ability is arguably better at hand to hand than anyone in Watchmen universe. Since the fight is only hand to hand Ozymandias won't be able to use all the toys in his lair to his advantage either.

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Jason Todd

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Jason actually could one shot this fight.

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Jason stomps ozy's head in.

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Ozymandias should take it...

But like always, "Watchmen have no feats."

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Ozymandias should take it... But like always, "Watchmen have no feats."

Why should he take it if he has no feats?

  • Jason pre-Batman training was able to use a pressure point that Talia couldn't even do.
  • Jason (after death but before Talia's training) while brain dead as able to stomp 4 League of Assassin ninjas in H2H.
  • Jason has fought on par with Batman and Nightwing. Batman is a bullet deflector, and Nightwing has dodge gun fire point blank and has been stated to be faster then Batman.
  • Jason (while playing around) was able to go toe to toe with a serious Green Arrow in a sword fight. Green Arrow (with context) has taken down Slade and he has soloed 17 skilled assassins.

Despite Ozy's bullet catch Jason has better reaction feats, he was able to dodge Mr. Freeze and 4 shooters armed with assault rifles at once, he was upside down and interviewed between bullets. He has dodged and blocked Green Arrow's arrows out of the air with a sword (while distracted), and has sliced Mia Deardens arrows effortlessly.