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These are movie versions.

Round 1- Hawkeye is sent to kill Ozymandias. Same situation as the assassination scene in Watchmen. Can Hawkeye kill Ozymandias? Hawkeye has his standard equipment.

Round 2- Random Encounter. Fight takes place in day time in Gotham City. During the day time. Start 10 ft from each other.

Round 3- Hawkeye is in the same situation as Rorschach and Nite Owl at the end of Watchmen. Hawkeye has his standard equipment.

Morals Off. Battles are won by KO or death.

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Movie version of Ozymendias is going to curbstomp movie version of Hawkeye. Ozymendias is too fast and to strong for Hawkeye to take care of. Ten feet will take less than a second for Ozymendias to get to Hawkeye, break his bow and rip his Quiver off his back. Then quickly beat him down.

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the movie version of Ozy was bad news

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I agree with Quartermaim, Ozymandias is too good for Hawkeye.We even saw him catch a bullet so he can catch arrows?I have seen it done in real life.Very fast and skilled and the most intelligent man in the world?Sorry to say but Hawkeye is the underdog.Watchmen is the best Comic in history.

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Keep in mind for scenario 1 and 3 they are the same situations from the movie Watchmen but just w/ Hawkeye involved.

For the scenario in the video below it's Hawkeye trying to kill Ozymandias. He also has his standard equipment.

For this scenario it's Hawkeye trying to kill Ozymandias. Similar to when Rorschach and Nite Owl tried to stop him. So w/ this scenario the fight starts w/ Ozymandias back turned away from Hawkeye.

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ozy kills hawkeye all three rounds

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@TerryBogard2014 said:

ozy kills hawkeye all three rounds

How explain...

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Clint can win this via his explosive arrow. Unlike Loki, Ozy doesn't have the durability to tank such. Any other situation and Ozy should win.

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1- Hawkeye

2 - Ozy

3 - Hawkeye

Hawkeye has trick arrows, and was able to shoot somebody behind him who was flying in unpredictable patterns, without looking....I think he can hit Ozy tbh.

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Two words: Exploding. Arrow.

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@never give up said:

@TerryBogard2014 said:

ozy kills hawkeye all three rounds

How explain...

round 1 if exactly like the movie.then ozy knows hes coming because he hired him lol

round 2: random encounter 10 ft away in the city ozy can close the gap with his speed advantage

round 3:kinda like round 2 but there even closer together

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Good Match up. I believe Hawkeye wins round 1 and 3 because of trick arrows. Round 1, Hawkeye uses an exploding arrow, which Ozymandias, who doesn't have prior knowledge of him, won't notice and boom, the explosion kills him. Round 2, Ozymandias can close the distance pretty quick and wins in h2h combat. Round 3, same as Round 1, an exploding arrow would solve Hawkeye's problems.

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Hawkeye wins Round 1 and 3 due to gear fore sure.

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Ozy wins all 3rounds what good is an explosive arrow if he could easily dodge it,,besides they are 10 ft apart Clint would be in the blast radius

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Going with Ozy