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Start 100 ft. apart in Central Park

No prep time, but they do know of each other (nothing specific, just basics)

Fight is to the death

who wins and why?

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@man_of_miracles: both of these characters are sooo dope.. i cant pick but ozy showed more skill and enough power to harm khan. im going with ozy barely wins

but i can be swayed for khan

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@hyperlight: I would definitely agree with the skill, but Khan may be more ruthless and stronger, and I think his damage soak is definitely better, he basically unharmed through the whole movie.

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Khan stomps in my opinion. He took hits from an enraged Vulcan (Spock), who are substantially stronger than human, took phaser shots like a boss and wasn't KO'ed by a Vulcan nerve pinch. He also solo'ed an entire Klingon platoon by himself.

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Khan, Ozy can't hurt him.

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anyone want to argue for Ozy?

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@man_of_miracles: we really dont know khans upper limits but as far as being unharmed.. didnt spock hurt him a little bit?

you are right about his damage soak cuz i dont think ozy could take a full phazer shot

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All versions of Khan turn Ozy into a carpet stain.

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Khan probably wins. I think Ozymandias is faster, what with catching a bullet, and all, but Khan is stronger and more durable. They are both very highly skilled, but i think i'd give the edge in skill to Ozymandias. The fight would take a while to finish, as Ozymandias would do a lot of dodging, Khan would do a lot of tanking and both would do a lot of jumping about the place and throwing each other around, so it also somewhat comes down to who gets tired first. I think it would go either way, easily, but i reckon Khan has too much of an advantage to lose.