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Challenge a viner Strafe v Beatboks

Ultra-Humanite has begun his latest plan for world conquest.

He has Surreptitiously usurped power in a few small European Countries to grow a power base and diplomatic platform from which to build his plans. He is planning to expand this gradually and secretly before launching his final assault. His base is in the small country of Modora ( the nation once ruled by GL Villain Sonar). He conquered this nation first to acquire Sonar's tech. He also has Austanburg where he has thugs searching for the Ancient Scrolls which contained secrets of mental and physical powers lost to the world, that allowed Peter Cannon to attain his great power. As well as Bialya where he has more cronies searching for the artifact that will give him control over the extra-dimensional Champions of Angor. All his actions are focused solely on his plan for world conquest which he is not ready to yet implement.

Unbeknownst to Ultra defense operatives of Markovia have uncovered his actions and have made their crown prince Brion Markov aware of the situation. Having no actual proof only the word of his loyal troopes to proceed with Brion calls in his fellow team mates to deal with this threat to world peace before it get's any further.

The Outsiders are aware of who they are facing, his location and the resources he currently has plus those he is seeking to acquire. Knowing who they are dealing with they will have whatever time for prep they (Strafe) deems necessary to deal with the threat.

Ultra isn't aware that any heroes are currently even aware of his present location or actions. He has prepared only for the course of action that is present in the set up scenario, and any reasonable defenses that could be argued would be within character to have set up. he has only some hired henchmen of no particular skill or ability who have been retained with the soul purpose of acquiring certain things Ultra seeks. these henchmen have no idea of what it is they are after or of any of Ultra's plans (he doesn't trust them enough)

Let the battle begin

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@beatboks1: Nice OP there beat, would you like to make the first move?

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@Strafe Prower: I really can't. After all i don't know what's going on. I'm busy planning to conquer the world ;D

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@beatboks1: Ok, I'll post in a few. I have to figure out what my argument is going to be first :P

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@Strafe Prower: With prep, I see the Outsiders having the advantage here. They are much more versatile and have everything they need to take down Ultra Humanite.

That's just to get the ball rolling. :)

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*Grabs popcorn.

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@Strafe Prower said:

@Strafe Prower: With prep, I see the Outsiders having the advantage here. They are much more versatile and have everything they need to take down Ultra Humanite.

That's just to get the ball rolling. :)

Keep thinking that ;D You'll be lulled into my trap (BWAH HA HA HAA)

@_Black: Hate popcorn, but you can get me Jaffas

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@beatboks1: LOL, no thoughts?

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@beatboks1 said:

@_Black: Hate popcorn, but you can get me Jaffas

I had no clue what jaffas were until I googled it just now. Lol

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@Strafe Prower said:

@beatboks1: LOL, no thoughts?

Oh plenty of "thoughts"

Ultra has physically matched and taken it to the combined power of a bloodlusted Superman, Martian Manhunter and Guy Gardner.

Has physically smacked Powergirl around when he lost it

Has mentally controlled a team of equal Numbered heroes in Infinity Inc

Has mentally thrown Superman and Green Lantern around

Underestimating him would be your downfall.

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@beatboks1: Nice scans.

I'll reply to this a bit later.

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@Strafe Prower:

Haven't forgotten this have you Strafe ??

If it's a case of having a hard time coming up with a strategy, would it help if I add Batman to your side?

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@beatboks1: I haven't forgotten. It's been a case of laziness :P

I'll go ahead and start typing up my response right now lol.

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@beatboks1: Those are impressive scans for sure, but make no mistake that the Outsiders are equally impressive.

Geo-Force's Strength

Fighting Olympian (Wonder Woman level strength)

Sending Eradicator flying (Geo-Force was enraged)

Breaking Kyle Raynor's Construct (Kyle was a rookie)

One-shotting Mammoth

Earth Manipulation

Becomes an Earth Elemental

Transmutates Black Lantern Terra into stone

Opening the Ground underneath his opponent

That is just 2 of his powers. He also has His gravity control, which could make UH unable to move or float in mid air. It can also act as a shield as well. Geo also has Lava blasts, super speed, etc. He alone will be a hard match.

TP you say? That's why Looker is here. She has probed minds, erased memories, connected the whole team telepathically, and has other feats. She might not be as good as UH, but he certainly isn't out of her league. She can protect the minds of her team mates for a time.

The above scans don't even touch my other members either. Black Lightning, Metamorpho, and Halo all have shield capabilities. Black Lightning's blasts have hurt Kyrptonian level opponents. Metamorpho has defeated Guy Gardner in combat and is very versatile. Halo has super speed, reaction timing, has offensive, illusion casting, and blinding capabilties.

My team will not loose this one ;)

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Yes Geo Force has impressive strength, but Ultra has a lot more than mere strength to contend with.

Ultra is a genius

Who is a master of science and tactics. in JLA series 1 ( #195 to 197) he planned to eliminate all heroes from existence on Earth 2. he upset the cosmic balance so that the balancing action removed them from existence. he went up against the JLA and JSA, yes he had help ( Secret society super villai s) who he manipulated to do as he wanted and double crossed the E1 villains who eventually ruined his plans. his defeat was by his allies not the heroes.

In All star Squadron (21 to 26 plus Annual 2 - Ultra's War on America) he blackmailed the US to pay him millions by threatening to destroy their war machine. his nuclear blaster ray destroying war ships being built as a demonstration of his power. he went up against the All Star Squadron, yes he powered 4 minions to serve him and pulled others from another time. again he was defeated only when two of his minions turned on him.

Infinity IncGenerations Saga he set the JSA and Inf Inc against each other by temporarily turning the JSA evil. the plan being that which ever ones won between adults and children the guilt of killing their parents or children would make them no threat later. in JSA he tricked Jakeem Thunder into giving him the pen of the Thunder bolt by possessing the body of Johnny Thunder. using the reality warping power that this gave him he took over the world. he controlled many heroes and had many more hooked up to devices like in matrix.

Technical Genius

he has built death rays (Action comics 13,14), teleporters, force fields (Action 19 and 20), nuclear devices ( Action 21 years before project Manhattan) devices to control and activate volcanos, time machines and much more.

Uses of less "scientific power sources

he has acquired power from talismans and sources like the Powerstone ( which gave him his mental powers) hammer of Thor, Thunderbolt pen. he has twice failed in an attempt to acquire the helm of Nabu ( Dr Fates's) due to hero intervention.

I deliberately denied him prep for your team to make it fair, but he will be prepping for world conquest. he will not be completely without resources. I also denied him powered or above normal human range minions, but he does have a few henchmen. to stop his plans you may have to encounter them first which while easy for your team may give him warning to the fact that your coming.

His other non physical powers


there is also his mental power. power that has allowed him to control several Infinitors at once.


TK throw GA Superman around break Alan Scot's shields.

power that has matched evenly in mental combat Brainwave Snr ( who could TP push the entire JSA to do what he wanted including Spectre and Fate by implanting suggestions). your going to have the fight of your life to win this one.

I hope reformatting makes this easier to read

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Scans for above feats

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@beatboks1: I'll reply to after I decode your post :P

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sorry when I get home i'd try to edit and improve formatting

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@beatboks1: I'm in the middle of writing a post now sir :)

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@beatboks1: He has impressive prep feats, but since he isn't going to be prepared specifically for the Outsiders, I don't see him being prepped enough to take them on.

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@Strafe Prower: Can anybody chime in?

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@charlieboy said:

@Strafe Prower: Can anybody chime in?

I'd prefer if it just stayed between beatboks and I....sorry :/

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@Strafe Prower: Okay no problem.

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@Strafe Prower:

Your quite right, he's not prepped specifically for the outsiders. If he were it would probably be a little unfair.

The thing is he's had plenty of times before where he's been caught unprepared for a specific thing and still had back ups that got his but out of the fire.

In Infinity Inc during the Generations saga Brainwave Jr and Star Spangled kid find him before he had fully layed out his plan. Despite being caught by surprise his base still had defenses. Both ended up dodging missiles and he had a force field that protected him from their blasts.

That's when he was "caught by surprise". He had a plan to take on the JSA etc of course but no reason to believe anyone would be after him.

Similarly in All Star Squadron during Ultra's war on America he was discovered a few times before s/he was ready. His base of operations alerted him to approaching heroes with plenty of time to lay traps and counters for them, and when he was discovered at Superman's Fortress of solitude he was able to make his escape easily.

In Action comics when facing Superman in his early adventures he was able to elude Superman when he got onto his plans and in their second encounter was able to fake his death by using his machinery to activate the Volcano in which he was operating and then use his mole device to get away unseen.

The thing is unless you can prove the outsiders are going to use enough stealth and cunning to avoid all Ultra's early warning systems (and he'll likely have a few) and hit him completely by surprise your going to be facing not just his physical power and mental power but his technological genius. He could have weapons or defenses activated that will keep a couple of your team busy. A couple is all he really should need. Now in character he's not likely to make a physical battle of it, but he's not completely without resource if he has to. In a normal battle his metal powers alone make him quite formidable. he has been able to control several people at once. he has communicated with himself across time telepathically. He has fought in Psionic battle Brainwave to a standstill, only gaining the upper hand when BW's own son was in danger and he was distracted.

Add to that all the scientific prowess he brings to the party and he is a MAJOR threat. IMHO the most underused villain in DCU.

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@Strafe Prower: Here are one of the scans from All Star Squadron to support

Now admittedly Ultra had his/her minions Deathbolt and Cyclotron present during the later scans. However all they really managed to do was get in each others road. Deathbolt did take Commander Steel down. That still meant that under surprise attack (unprepared) He was able to contend with Robotman and Johnny Quick all while holding Superman, Green Lantern, Liberty Belle (admittedly before her sonic power upgrade), and Firebrand captive.

Now to provide context Superman had been drained of much of his power courtesy of the powerstone. GL had also just finished a full on battle with Brainwave a couple of issues earlier (hours before as Issue one only showed GL Supes and Belle returning to Superman's fortress of solitude to surprise Ultra and Deathbolt stealing the powerstone), that pretty much took all his will and left him shocked and shaken (he'd believed himself the destroyer of worlds courtesy of what he had to do to defeat BW's dream world creations and almost used the ring to end his own existence and the ring and lantern himself believing "no one should wield this much power". But still that means that unprepared Ultra was a match for a weakened Superman, weakened Alan Scot, Liberty Belle, Firebrand, Robotman and Johnny Quick. There is also the fact that she took on Superman and GL after being surprised as well.

Warning devices and monitors are pretty much standard equipment in Ultra's base. I seriously doubt that his base in Europe will not be equipped with enough defense equipment and sensors to alert him to a potential direct attack. I doubt that the Outsiders are going to get an attack that is as much a surprise as that achieved by the All Stars. A stealth attck is going to be required to give you a chance. The only team members as I see it that you have that are capable of enough stealth (and correct me if I'm wrong) are Katanna and Black Lightning. Brion is somewhat of a hot head (note that may have changed since I've read him) so I just don't him sneaking up on Ultra. If Ultra get's any warning and has even the slightest chance to bring his gadgets and weapons to the party I can't see you getting a win. At most maybe stalemate. As I see it Ultra has the physical and metal power to take it to the outsiders and hold his own for a while. He has in the past shown that he can control his devices with his mental powers like when he sent the mind controlled Infinity Inc back in time in his time machine while he himself was physically trapped in the other dimensional Limbo. He has also shown countless times being able to pull a miraculous escape when needed. Teleporting his brain to safety when Cyclotron went nuclear, using his lead lined mole machine to dig an escape tunnel hidden from Superman while activating a volcano that looked like he'd fallen to his doom.

Your going to have a tough fight that you admittedly can win with the element of Surprise. I can't see that element falling your way, but you may be able to prove otherwise. If Ultra get's any warning I see his gadgets and weapons as being the deal breaker. Yes Brion may be able to match ultra physically, Halo may be able to have an effect on him with the combined TP of Looker but it will still be a battle. Ultra has tanked Star Spangled Kid's cosmic converter belt blasts even before putting up force fields so I don't see Black Lighting taking him down before he puts one on. Though I will admit that an all out attack be PG's heat vision badly burnt Ultra, it's unlikely in character anyone is attacking with that ferocity.

Ball's back in your court Strafe

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@Strafe Prower:

Bumping this on the behalf of beats.

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Im enjoying the Throw Back scans of simpler times.

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@Nufai_the_Defiler: On the point of stealth, you have to remember that Batman trained this team. In their original run, they used stealth as quite a few times when stalking an enemy or gaining the advantage. They showed this when they fought Kobra and Baron Bedlam. Add that to the fact that Katana has spectacular stealth abilities, and I can see the Outsiders pulling it off. You have to remember that Black Lightning has already met and been controlled by Ultra in JSA, so he knows what Ultra is capable of.

Also, I don't see any devices being strong enough to take down the big guns of the outsiders. They all have incredible defense capabilities, save for Katana. Halo has been able to tank a plane explosion with her shield, Black Lightning has been able to take shots from Geo-Force, Geo-Force has taken shots from Black Lightning, Looker has powerful TK, and Metamorpho has tanked missles on a daily basis with his shields. The group has so much versatility that I doubt Ultra is going to be ready for them.

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@Strafe Prower:

Thought you'd forgotten this.

I will grant that the Outsiders have used stealth. However how is that stealth at evading electronic detection. Ultra isn't going to simply allow you access to his base and there will be safeguards even when he's not prepped for a specific opponent. That's just part of his character.

Ultra has tanked a blast from Star Spangled kids cosmic converter before belt ( generations saga) before activating his force field. he's tanked bows from PG, Superman, Martian Manhunter (as I've already shown). All this was likewise without his TK and his tech (force fields).

Once you take into consideration his technology that can be brought to bare and his mental power. Mental power that he has said reteadly only Brainwave is his equal. That's the same Brainwave that according to Maxima is a "pure power" force in mental power.

Your attack is going to have to be stealthy, Quick and incredibly brutal to even get Ultra on the back foot. He after all solos the JSA with prep and matches/ handles them without.

I think I'm done if you are. ready 4 votes

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Black Lightning has the ability to sense and disrupt any technology that runs on electricty, so I could see that coming into play. I also think he won't suspect Katana being the most dangerous here and will focus on the big guns, leaving an opening for her stealth and indestructible sword. (We vote in these?)

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@Strafe Prower said:

(We vote in these?)

Well, this is only my second. The first one of which was voted on. I don't know.

Black Lightning has the ability to sense and disrupt any technology that runs on electricty, so I could see that coming into play.

How would that go through force fields though. I would think that a force field would protect the source of the field. Once Ultra knows BL is in the mix he's going to be using things that deal with that. And as I said his tech has been shown to be mentally controlled.

I also think he won't suspect Katana being the most dangerous here and will focus on the big guns, leaving an opening for her stealth and indestructible sword.

Can't deny that his downfall before has come from thinking certain street levelers or just above are beneath his notice and no threat. I would however think that unless Katanna strikes completely unseen even not considering her a threat he is going to TK block a sword from striking him. His resistence is after all primarily to blunt force. Even Ultra isn't so egotistical that he will simply let a sworn at him without taking any action.

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@Strafe Prower: To date

Ultra is physically stronger than any member of your team. Yes Geo Force is strong and can use gravity to make the difference closer but he's still not powerful enough to have matched the combined strengths of Superman and Martian Manhunter, beaten Powergirl to a bloody pulp or matched Ultra's other physical feats.

Ultra can use his TK to enhance his strength as well as for attack and in that he is also more powerful than all your team. His TK is well above that of Looker.

He is one of the most powerful mentalists on the planet and has controlled many individuals at once. He's mentally matched power with Brainwave Snr who has telepathically pushed the likes of Spectre and Classic Fr Fate. Just an aspect of Brainwave Snr in his son's mind was enough to dominate Maxima in mental battle in the astral field.

You posted about his devices not taking down the outsiders. I never intended for that to be the case. They will however offer him defense against the greater numbers of the team. They will make up for his lack of planning to their prep as they will warn him of their approach (his monitor devices). BL might be able to detect technology but a simply monitor camera isn't likely to be high on the grid. His force fields will protect him. His teleporters will give him escape strategies and options (as will his time machines, mole machines etc). His devices that activate dormant volcanoes may be easily modified to affect Geo-Forces magma powers once he knows he's on the field.