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Orochimaru has summoned the previous 4 hokages....can he solo the entire leaf village?

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No. If you are including all the Leaf during both shows, that is a lot of powerful ninja that should be able to repel the attack. IMO

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Yes he can if he very smart about it. He almost destroy the Leaf the first time he try and he only had fodder ninjas with him. He has the fourth with him who can end the fight before it being just by throwing Kunai's before you can blink. We already saw what Madara could do with only a portion of Harishrama cells. That just leaves the Tobirama and Hiruzen. We don't know what they can fully do. We only have ad idea. Until we can see what they are able to do then this is left in the air.

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Orochimaru's group owns.

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Yeah. It took the third sacrificing his life to stop him last time. This time the Third and Fourth are on his side. Orochimaru stomps it. I mean, Pain solo'd the village, pretty much, before barely losing a close fight to a prepped Naruto while he was at less than 100%.

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I'm pretty sure he can.

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Wait, Naruto included?

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The team stomps.


The 1st beat the crap out of Madara with 9 tails before.

Not to mention the 4 hokages are under Edo Tensei, so that's Immortality + Unlimited Chakra

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Wait, Naruto included?
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Orochimaru probably can but it won`t be easy.

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To many variables to say.

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The first time he tried the kids were still useless Genin. Now, with Naruto and his usual boost after boost after boost, Leaf could probably have a chance. Still, no easy task.