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team orion silver surfer captain atom dr doom

vs mr majestic mon el darkseid brainiack

morals off

both sides get 24 hours of prep

battle is in the watch tower

win by death br decapitation knockedout

who wins and why

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@oceanmaster21: not sure I would consider the only valuable prepper on Orion's team essential to the universe so he's erased via OE. Majestics team should win this. Also can majestic grab the creation blades with his prep? Is so everybody on orions team is decapitated before they knew the battle started. Majestic seriously outclasses everyone in speed here, the closest one to him is probably surfer.

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@zmasonite: maybe but no no blades and dont forget dr doom can probally come up with something should i make it no prep

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@oceanmaster21: keep prep. Without it imo majestics team would stomp. Also given prep to both sides doom wouldn't be able to use any tech because brainiac should be able to take control of it. Also giving majestic 1 day of prep should equate to a lot more prep time than dooms 1 day(he built a computer, destroyed it, redesigned it from scratch and built it all in a nano-second). Majestic imo is just too fast, too strong, and too intelligent. I give it to majestics team 7-8/10

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@zmasonite: but with prep orion could get astro force couldnt he and cap atom powerful as well same as silver surfer but you vote majestic team not bad observation thanks for your input

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majestic's team he has too much raw power.

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Majestic Team.

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@oceanmaster21: no problem. Not sure astro force poses a huge threat to majestic or Darkseid. Also don't think I'd ever downplay surfer or Captain Atom they're both extremely powerful just not powerful enough(without amps like Monarch).

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Team Majestic

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@zmasonite: i see your point well lat say irin n majestic jeep each other occupied how dose the rest of the teams fair against one another

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@zmasonite: mm seems like majestic is wiing the votes so far

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@oceanmaster21: IF Orion could keep Majestic busy, Mon El could hold of Cap imo(idk if he'd win but should hold him off in character), Darkseid erases doom, DS and Brainiac should be able to take surfer given these circumstances(My logic: Doom built a device to siphon surfers energy, Braniac, well to put it plainly, is exponentially more intelligent than Doom.) I'd say by now Cap is beatin on Mon El pretty hard but The God of Evil comes to ironically save the day and wrecks Atom all the while Mr. Majestic has been dodging every one of Orion's attacks and Suddenly pulls out a .44 Magnum and says "The bullets in this revolver could be standard .44 Magnum rounds, or they could be Radion bullets. Now you have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky, punk?"

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@zmasonite: your a great analis i can actually picture what your saying you my friend deserve a follow