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Location is here:

Random Encounter.

In Character.

Start 50 ft apart.

Win by Ko or death.

Team One Piece:



D. Ace

God Enel




Human Torch.


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@GrandSymbiote94: Marvel atm

they have more feats and ICEMAN is omega while Photon has tussled at cosmic stage

I actually view torch as weak link here

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I feel like Photon could solo.

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Marvel wins

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marvel wins

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Stalemate neither Iceman or One Piece characters can die. But is lands in One Piece's favor with 4 characters to Marvels 2 if Photon can survive a blitz.

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Hmmm. Interesting match.....want to read more on one-Piece. I'm familiar enough with them to know what they can do.

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I feel bad for One Piece on this site, no one debates for them.

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I would debate for One Piece side but i'm not to familiar with Photon. I'm pretty sure the One Piece guy's could handle all the other characters.

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Well it's a stalemate at best, since no one from the OP team can actually take Bobby out, but i fail to see how he would be able stop Kizaru, so yeah stalemate.

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@XImpossibruX said:

I feel bad for One Piece on this site, no one debates for them.

I'm able (with serval others) debate to debate for One Piece. But this a stalemate.