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Omega Red (x-men villain)


Sinister team:

Dr. Octopus (titanium arms, before he was spidey)

Mysterio (illusions, spring-loaded boots, knives)

Shocker (normal gauntlets, vibro-units)

Lizard (pre-shed)

Scorpion (with projectile)

Jack o lantern (usual gear)

Kraven (knives, axe)

Chameleon (disguises, .44 magnum, baseball bat)

Boomerang (boomerangs)

Location: NYC.

Win by death.

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Team wins :D Easy .There`s too many people against Omega red

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There's nothing Omega Red can do here except getting himself beat.

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Lizard & Scorpion will probably be the last 2 standing imo against OR & then its just a matter of time before OR takes care of these vermin :)

Only way the six win this one is with Prep to counter OR`s Spores for starters, then his insane durability.

With prep Doc Ock will be a huge problem, in a random encounter?

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Team stomps.

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The death spores kill them all.

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Team ftw