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Onslaught, Venom, Gambit, Dr Octopus and Magneto


Carnage, Mysterio, Deadpool, Batman and Dr strange

This is a top Grade fight, Full preparation before hand, it Can be a Full death match though the rulings for the start are the first to loose four Contenders

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Unless it's "Classic" Dr.Strange, Onslaught solos easily

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Please if Onslaught wants to take on Six ultimate fighters all with different fighting techniques then his done for,

Don't forget how insanely thick he is, that's probably why he'd Choose to Fight solo. I think onslaughts just seen the GG symbol over Gothem City

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Onslaught does skew this fight pretty hard. Dr. Strange is the only character on team 2 that could pose a threat to him.

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Onslaught poses a major threat.

Why Batman? Just wondering

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Onslaught solos

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This is only Doctor Strange Vs Onslaught.

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Hey I thought that the fight Can go anyway to be honest Batman's included just for the fact is one of my favorites.

All fighters are prepared don't forget. that means, batman Can have any of his gadgets, Smoke grenades, Batmarang, grappling hooks, tranquillizers. Deadpool is just as epic plus he has just as much weaponry as Batman.Carnage is just pure evilness, though Venom's stronger, Magneto is Just Hence I was thinking of Having Galactas as well but this needs to be more than Brute strength, Intelligence, Battle knowledge, physical experience. They Can be set on any battle ground, the rules are who would win, it Can be two on one or all against all.

Either way if you really think Onslaught Can handle Carnage, Dr strange, Batman, Deadpool and Mysterio all at once then your not looking at all the Factors properly

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plus if it's only Dr strange V.S Onslaught then it's a Draw because as I said it's a fight with two remaining from either team in the Rare event Onslaught and Dr strange Destroy each-other who takes who, please don't bother if that's all you are here to Comment on,