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Team 1.

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SMP: No weaknesses. Period. Survived universe-busting explosion.

Dark Schneider: Adam of Darkness. Near-unkillable, Dispel Bound, reality breaking magic and Existence Erasing spells.

EoM: Meh. Don't care.

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@bronze_surfer: The main character from the manga/anime Bastard!

Here he faces against Satan, who destroyed a a galaxy while manifesting his true form.

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i need feats from god emperor dude

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@reikai said:

SMP: No weaknesses. Period. Survived universe-busting explosion.

Monarch's fists and he never tanks any universe busting explosions. Hell the universe / the planet they were standing on was fine.

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sounds like a cool match,spells Dark Schneider use:Anselm:Val Volt, and other spells.i majored in mythoglogy and even though this is the comic versions. odin and zeus can still kick some ass.like i said it would be a cool fight to see.would be better than a wrestlemania match wwe. lol

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@isaac_clarke: When he ripped open Monarch's suit and all his energy poured out, it destroyed the universe. Everyone else escaped to an alternate universe to survive. SMP tanked it.

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@reikai said:

@isaac_clarke: When he ripped open Monarch's suit and all his energy poured out, it destroyed the universe. Everyone else escaped to an alternate universe to survive. SMP tanked it.

Prime returned to his boy-prime state just as he did it and found himself hurled into another universe. It's tough to argue the energy released is universe busting when right after we have a stroll on that same planet talking about how said blast extinguished all life - short of the plant found. All the blast did was kill everyone, outside that you still have water, fertile soil, clouds and even a ton of light coming from the sky. A mention later of how the universe had to be reconstructed is really all this argument for universe busting has and even then it didn't mention anything about starting from scratch or the complete obliteration of a reality.

Either way it doesn't matter. Current Hyperion was dead center of two universes colliding / destroying one another and he's weaker than Thor is. The Prime that 'tanked' that released of energy got beaten senseless by the Teen Titans.

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@isaac_clarke: Prime-verse and all that garbage is just another brick in the pile of reasons why I don't like DC comics.

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@reikai: The total lack of a damn DC gave to giving Prime any sort of characterization that didn't consist of a whiny one dimension villain (short of DN) does warrant a degree of hate.

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i think team 1 win

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Wow.. That's an awesome pic for Darshe.

Now, I think darshe could easily swing this around for team 2.

Comic vine really needs to get acquainted with the guy, he's one of the deadliest fictional warriors invented..Here's what he is a nutshell (Majin Dark shneider form):

Defense: a shield for about every hax there is: Including reality warp, probability manipulation, stuff like poison, immortality, they even threw in a shield against 'defeat' for the lulz.

Hax Regen: Eternal Atoms: He's scattered in three planes of existance, he can regenerate from being reduced to a head unless they're all attacked and destroyed simultaneously.

Speed: massive, massive ftl: Exchanges millions of hits every instant (literally), repairs his shields, and damages the enemy.

Scale/power: Went toe-to-toe with fallen uriel, a galaxy buster on his own. (This isn't a manga with lolhyperboles, the author is exceptionally precise with all scientific concepts in it) The enemy underwent a transformation, and darshe summoned Dragon-knight lucifer: a mecha that acts as a exact 130 x multiplier. The first attack the two exchanged shattered reality, destroying the entire hell realm as a side effect. In this form, they can attack and defend nigh-infinite times every instant.


Base form: He started off as a elemental magician, somewhere around supersonic in speed. His spells could break down enemies with hell's enzyme, burn them at temperatures several times hotter than sun, defend himself against absolute zero, open blackholes, physically tank blows with power equal to nuclear bomb, warp enemies from reality and so on.

After that, he receives power-ups called as judas pain, every jewel is a crack in space-time, with power of a black hole, he received six of them one after another, transforming him into majin form, which is the incarnation in question.

Most important of his powers is: creation/destruction: Different from reality warping: It's supposedly something that only God/creator can do.

Miscellaneous stuff:

His majin form, as well as dragon knight causes a real strain on him, though, the pain is so great, it could wipe him from existence.

Other than that, he has displayed almost toonforce level powers. He repeatedly states that he's the main character, has a canon shield against defeat, and in the most recent chapters, appeared out of something that should have erased him from reality for apparently no reason. Also, he can randomly use powers from other manga. The example I recall, as well as the most recognizable and famous one, would be his use of sharingan. Yeah, sharingan. The same lolsharingan from naruto..

None of the things are made up, I can back each and everything with scans, just that they're a real pain to search (you might find them on previous darshe threads). Reikai may have most of them, too.

@alexandrawallace: @bronze_surfer: guys, I was hoping you'd look through and reconsider, or explain a little more.. I personally see skyfathers as Galaxy++ levels. Maybe I'm wrong.

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@princearagorn1: Good overview of Dark Schneider. Its no doubt he's one of the most powerful/hax fictional warriors created. Unfortunately most people don't know who he is because Bastard! still only has that 90's OVA series of 6 episodes lol.

I'm sure if they ever did a true series everyone would immediately start spamming the boards with him lol

Personally, I don't see how they would kill him unless Odin or Zeus are capable of multi-dimensional attacks. Eternal Atoms are OP.

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@fallschirmjager: yeah, we needed something to copy paste from later :D

Eternal atoms are op? Everything about him is op lol

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@princearagorn1: Well there is nothing really for me to reconsider since all I said is that I don't know who Schneider is. But with what you gave me he solos.

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@bronze_surfer: Good to know. I'll do a respect thread someday, with all the scans, and more explainations. will remember to call you out there.. But this is the strongest form he has shown to date, he'll obviously receive one more powerup, to fight with the final villain. But with the mangaka's release speed, It will take 10 years lol