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Powered by
Flash Family
The Runner.
Winner by death, KO. 
•Fight takes place in Asgard. 
•Morals off.

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i think it would take more than some overpowerd armour to equalize a skdy father.

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Wait, the DA has the speed of all the flashes and The Runner?

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When you say powered by The Flash Family, Zoom and the Runner, do you mean it has their speed?

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ODin wins

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and odin would have complete control over the da -_-

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You cant really power the armor, either you wear it as a battle suit or you use your soul to animate it. And be it animated by Flash, Zoom or TheRunner, Destroyer's durability nor its reaction speed is going to change.

But assuming for whatever reason destroyer does get that fast, then they can blitz the hell out of Odin. Odin can one shot the destroyer no problem with that, but will he get time. Its not like Odin is immune to physical harm.