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  • 1 week prep for both teams
  • Odin has the Destroyer armor, Thor is in Warrior's madness mode and Loki nas Norn stones, Mephisto and Blackheart are both at full power
  • Start 50 ft apart
  • No bfr
  • Morals off
  • K.O. or kill to win

Location: Mephisto's Realm

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Fight in Mephisto's realm is going to be a huge problem for team 1 because both Mephisto and Blackheart are more powerful in hell.

Neither Thor nor Odin is known for prep, and the real prep expert they have on the team is Loki. Mephisto himself is quite a schemer but i do not believe he has prep feats as much as loki.

The prep from Loki should be able to turn the tide of otherwise rather one sided battle, specially if he isnt hindered by character flaws.

Team 1 for a majority with Loki, despite his limited power, being the MPV thanks to prep.

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Team 1 wins

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