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Battle is during the day in an open field of grass 200 feet square. Out is KO'd or dead. No leaving the field.

Batroc the Leaper

Georges Batroc (Earth-616).jpg

Zaran (Spear, Samurai sword, nunchaku, Bowie knife)

Zaran 001.jpg

Razor Fist (Douglas Scott)


Snapdragon (bo staff)

Sheoke Sanada (Earth-616) 002.jpg

Midnight (M'Nai, 6 shurikan, no striking disks as he used against Silver Surfer, not undead version)

Special Marvel Edition Vol 1 16.jpg

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Meh I'll give it too batroc since I have seen some feats for him and to learn more about the others.

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IIRC Razorfist gave Cat a good fight. I'll go with him.

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Batroc is fairly good, but maybe not up to the snuff of some of these others. Zaran sounds pretty tough from what I've just read about him. As does Razorfist. It sounds like Zaran beat Razorfist on one occasion though. I've seen Snapdragon in a couple appearances and wasn't super impressed. Although I didn't see how it all shook out in the end of her arc in the recent Moonknight. But I'm going with Midnight Sun, partly because that arc with the Surfer was one of my favorite comics from back in the day (even if it's not that version in this fight), but also because it sounds like he was a long-term rival and match for Shang-Chi.