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Main Battle

  • No Prep for Oblivion
  • Spectre uses his prep to gather the Justice League (24 hours)
  • No PIS or WIS. Although CIS can count to determine what character wins or lose
  • BFR only works for one of these characters if you look deeper into it

Secondary battle

Spectre vs Juggernaut (Non-Jobbernaut)

  • Using the Juggernaut that fought against Eternity and Nightmare and Oblivion
  • If win is determined only through BFR, let it be known. List PIS involved for win.

When Juggernaut fought Eternity ampped Nightmare
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So this is Spectre + Justice League vs. Oblivion?

Well, Oblivion is supposed to represent nothingness, which I don't see as being harmed, much less defeated. The Justice League isn't going to be of much help, I doubt they can even affect Oblivion.

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I just hate CIS, WIS, PIS and so on. I'm going not not even bother with them.

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First battle goes to Oblivion

Second battle stalemate.

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I'm going for Oblivion in the first one, as stated (or hinted) above.

Second one, I'm not sure. Having PIS means anything is possible, so I just...... am going to ignore it.

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1. Oblivion

2. Spectre or stalemate

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Round 1: Oblivion.

Round 2: Spectre.

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Spectre both rounds.

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@jwwprod said:

Round 1: Oblivion.

Round 2: Spectre.

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Yay at misrepresented and inapplicable Juggernaut scan.

And Juggernaut never fought Oblivion either.

Spectre would stomp Juggernaut

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@killemall: But...but....Juggernaut is unstoppable.


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spectre will not need the JLA, if that is unbound spectre, he could take whatever tiny bits of magic they have and solo oblivion (might).

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@lol said:

@jwwprod said:

Round 1: Oblivion.

Round 2: Spectre.