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Like I said, I'm not trying to be stupid I was just thinking who wins, Superman...

Or Captain Planet.

We all know Supes side of the Tale of the Tape, but Captain Planet is magic isn't he?

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He can control all of the elements of Nature. He's basically the planet itself in humanoid form.

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Captain Planet for the cool theme song.

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I'm not sure exactly. I kinda think Supes because I've seen the Cap struggle with trucks before.

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Superman throws him into a dump.

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Captain Planet has never shown FTL feats, ergo Superman speedblitz.

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if you think it's stupid, why did you bumped it?

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@raffels: Sounds like you need to go read the rules.

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Captain Planet is Mother Earth and Superman is the Sun... And pollution.

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All supes needs to do is just grab Cap and throw him into a pool of radioactive waste and he dies. Captain Planet is even weaker to pollution than Supes is towards Kryptonite. Heck if they were near a bunch of Kryptonite, the radiation from it will probably kill Planet first.

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Someone needs to bump this in 7 days to fulfill the prophecy 7/7/7