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Random encounter in an abandoned Metropolis city. Round 1: Morals on with victory only by KO or BFR (that lasts at least thirty minutes). Avoiding the fight or staying out of reach without attacking results in disqualification. Round 2: morals off, victory by death or KO. BFR disallowed. Must fight.

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pretty sure flash is faster , ive never seen northstar vibrate through anything .

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Flash vote

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Didn't realize Flash would get a majority. No good feats for Northstar? Would adding his sister as back-up help him?

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@Ultimate_Riddler: when northstar was brainwashed he was known to have charge at people at his top speed , causing them to burst , wolverine narrated saying that dental records barely identified the bodies . animated flash to the top of my memory had enough reaction time to jump on grodd and re-wire his tp helmet causing a feedback in what looked like to the viewers in a blink of an eye, he also ripped apart lex/braniac and i believe vibrated apart his justice lord counterpart , i like northstar but i really think flash takes this , unless someone could come up with a better feat or two for mr beaubier

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Flash ftw