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-Morals on

-Location is a Vacant NYC

-Fight til death or total team incapacitation

-Fighters start off 200 Feet Apart

-Current Versions of everyone who isn't dead (if characters used ARE dead, then use version of themselves before death)

Team Ninja/Alien aka "Silent but Deadly"

-Naruto Uzumaki

-Sasuke Uchiha (No Genjutsu)

-Gaara of the Desert

-The Predator (Elder Predator seen in AVP:Requiem)

-Vilgax (as seen in original Ben 10 series)


Team Pirate/Robot aka " Will of Steel"

-Monkey D. Luffy

-Roronoa Zoro

-Admiral Akainu (No Intangibility)

-TX (Terminator Rise of the Machines)


-Jenny Wakeman (aka XJ9, My Life as A Teenage Robot)

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Leaning towards Ninja/Alien team

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I don't see a counter for vision's intangibility so I'm gonna go with Pirate/Robot

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If it were just ninjas vs pirates...I'd say that Naruto would solo...but I dunno...still leaning to team one, but after a good fight.

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Bump, come on guys!

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Ninja's/Aliens win pretty handily to me.