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No morals. To death. All standerd equipment. No holding back. All bloodlust. Takes place on Gotham rooftops. Comic version TMNT.

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I'd like to say the turtles but it'll would probably be BP and CA.

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Which version of the Turtles?

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2003 versions turn into dragons and rip them apart.

Comic version would be the most evenly matched.

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Comic version TMNT

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Cap and BP got this. If I'm not mistaken(correct me if I am) NT only know ninjutsu nothing Cap or BP can't handle. Also Cap bloodlust is basically Ultimate Cap minus the extra strength but overall a total bad@$$. How will the NT penetrate BP's vibranium suit? As far as I'm consided none other the turtles weapons every actually cut someone. lol

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I'm sorry, but when Leo has to, he will go HAM. And rogue Raphael is something u don't want to see. But sadly the other turtles are trash.

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BP and Cap

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